For many people, daily commuting is a big part of their lives. It has a huge influence on our everyday lives, whether it is on our way to work to school or to other appointments. The right products play a decisive role in making commuting more efficient and more pleasant. Our selection of innovative technologies and handy accessories is aimed at improving your commuting experience.


Commuting by bike is getting more and more important these days. It is not only an environmentally friendly alternative to driving, but also promotes health and improves your overall well-being. You will find a large selection of commuter bikes in our shop that can be used for your daily journey to work. The bikes from our own brand Vortrieb, which were specially designed for this purpose, are particularly suited for this. No matter if you need to cover short distances in the city or longer distances, we have the right bike for you. Dive into the world of urban mobility and discover how you can get to work with style and comfort.

Jenny, Brand Management

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Choosing the right apparel is a key factor in a pleasant and efficient commute by bike. No matter if you ride your bike to work every day or if you go to school on two wheels – the right clothing plays a decisive part in terms of comfort, safety and weather-resistance. We are going to focus on the topic of cycling apparel for commuting here and show you how to optimally prepare yourself for your daily ride. From weatherproof jackets to comfortable pants, special shoes and accessories – you will learn everything about the right gear to reach your destination safely and comfortably, in all weather conditions, day or night. Get ready to master your journey to work or to school with stylish and functional clothing!


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The right accessories are key for commuting by bike every day. Whether you are going to work, to school or shopping – the right accessories make your ride more pleasant, safer and more efficient. I am going to present many cycling accessories for commuting to you, including practical lighting options, comfortable saddle bags and panniers, locks and bottles as well as bottle cages. No matter if you are already an experienced commuter or just about to start with cycling to work, you will find useful information and recommendations here to make your ride as pleasant as possible. Get ready to enjoy your journey to work on two wheels!


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A well-equipped workshop is key for everyone who uses their bike for their daily commute to work or to school. But it is not only about having the right tools and spare parts on hand. It is just as important to maintain your bike correctly and be able to make small repairs yourself. From regular maintenance to thorough cleaning and quickly fixing flat tyres and damages – here you will receive our recommendations for how to make your bike safe and reliable.

Tim, Brand Management

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