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OneUp Components

OneUp has put together a really dynamic team that is responsible for the design and engineering of the most innovative and durable MTB parts. The crew members of the Squamish (British Columbia, Canada) based company are all passionate riders themselves who strive to improve the ride experience with smart component solutions. First it was drivetrain upgrade kits and chain guides, but soon after OneUp’s product range was extended to pedals and Switch chainrings. And then there is the clever EDC-Tool, which hides in the steerer tube. All products are manufactured to surpass the highest quality standards and also look extremely cool.

"My personal favourite among the new OneUp products are the handlebars. With an oval mid-section they are extremely stiff while steering, but still comfortable and compliant. I am also impressed with the stem, which allows the EDC tool to be integrated without tapping the steerer, and the super long dropper posts!"

Benjamin, Purchasing

"I developed the dropper post that I wanted to ride on my bike. Having the longest post with the shortest stack and a remote I could use without losing my grip on the bars where top priority. I can proudly say, it is the best dropper posts I have ever ridden!"

Jonathan, OneUp Components Engineer & Owner