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Our MTB Saddle Highlights

Probably the most sensitive area of contact between rider and bike is the saddle. A saddle must be comfortable - here the impression during the ride is important, but the lasting impression after the ride is even more important! Elastomers and a special foam make the Sagma saddle from Bikeyoke a perfomance seat cushion. Flexible lateral movements for uphill included.

Christof, Brand Management
The smooth surface of the Tune Komm-Vor saddle allows my pants to slide easily over the saddle when pedalling. This also causes it not to chafe against my skin. Otherwise, long journeys can be really unpleasant. A really very elegant and flexible saddle!
Georg, Product Management

On a MTB the seating position varies slightly depending on the area of use, but overall it is relatively upright. A saddle designed for this posture provides optimum comfort and the necessary support, even on long rides. When it comes to the descent, the saddle should not be in the way, which is why MTB saddles allow a lot of freedom of movement. To find the right saddle width, it is a good idea to determine the individual seat bone distance. You can easily determine this yourself, e.g. with measuring cardboard.

Determining saddle width made easy

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