TONIQ comes from the think tank at bike-components and provides you with in-house developed bike cleaners and care products for your bike. For us, environmentally-friendly production is a matter of course. We all love biking in nature and want our impact on the environment to be as minimal as possible. That's why pure bc spirit is in every TONIQ item. We have curated all cleaners and care products for you and your bike to meet our exact standards, drawn from our many years of experience. What’s the end result when passionate bikers are given free rein to develop their own products? As a rule: something really good! We’re only satisfied when your bike shines like it did on the first day you got it.


bc Insights


As bikers, we enjoy good material and spending marvellous moments in nature. We would like to share this passion with others for a long time to come. We want to help keep our forests clean and our trails unchanged. That is why we develop and use products that cause as little damage as possible.



Recycled materials, less waste

When it comes to packaging, with TONIQ we rely on recycled PET (rPET), which has already had a first life and been recycled. This material is durable and lightweight and therefore ideally suited to remain in use for as long as possible. 



Reuse bottles

Products like the TONIQ Bike Wash are specially designed to reuse empty bottles. If you mix the bicycle cleaner with water at home, you can avoid packaging waste and heavy weights during transport. 



100% plant-based, made in EU

All TONIQ products are plant-based. Renewable raw materials originate – to the greatest possible extent – from the EU and production occurs in the Netherlands. This is done to avoid unnecessarily long transport chains. Products are carefully formulated to cause no harm to the environment.