The most beautiful thing about biking is to live out your passion with like-minded people, face new challenges together and to gather unforgettable experiences. For us, events are just part of it. The special mood and atmosphere renew our inspiration every time. That’s why it’s important for us to offer support and be on-site for all the festivities. We’re out and about with our employees at a wide variety of events year-round, letting steam off at races, providing technical assistance or repairs and keeping up with the latest trends and products. We also simply enjoy exchanging ideas with our customers face-to-face. For us, it’s not unusual for unforgettable stories to emerge in the process. 

"Working together with our partners, we organize various events and do all we can to offer you the best bike experiences. We give you the opportunity to get to know products and bikes in real life, and we thoroughly enjoy every encounter with our customers.

Do you want to experience our culture and bikes live? You can find us this year at the following events."

Jan, Event & Sponsoring