Thank you, you made it possible!


bike-components has been voted Bike Shop of the Year for the 6th time running, and could inspire road bikers for the first time ever!

When the readers and users of the largest German-language mountain bike platform, MTB-News, vote for the best bike shop, the answer is clear:

For 2021, bike-components was once again voted Bike Shop of the Year for the 6th time in a row! Then on top of that, we also won the votes of Rennrad-News users? That definitely exceeded our expectations!

To receive such an honour from the MTB-News User Awards reader poll is a huge deal! But both MTB- and Rennrad-News User Awards 2021, that's crazy! This is especially significant since the awards were given by you guys out there. On this point, a big thank you! This year, almost 1,000 more people took part in the reader survey, so that in the end 15,506 votes were counted. When it comes to biking, no website in the German-speaking world holds a candle to MTB-News. That we’re your go-to for mountain biking: fantastic! But to be chosen for road cycling as well – an area where we’re still growing – was extra special for us! There’s no question: these awards are the highest distinction for us and show us that we are doing our job right. We having a burning passion for athletic cycling, and it is our pledge, our goal even, to bring you with us on our trail. That is our primary motivation: with us, your bike gets everything what it needs. So you can spend more time riding. Really quality time!


Our team is here to deliver the best service

To offer you outstanding service – with top products, a very good price-performance ratio, a cohesive brand portfolio and comprehensive delivery services – we need one thing above all: our team! People who are passionate stand behind the products they love, give their all every day and who value your opinion greatly. These factors make it easy for us to offer you the best service. Since we’re bikers too, we see things from your perspective, which helps us greatly in continuing our success.

Don't worry: we’re not resting on our laurels just yet. Our competitors are hot on our heels, and have made considerable gains in their race to catch up. It’s no matter: we will continue to improve and try to make biking as optimal as possible.

Why we're pedalling even harder now:

We learned a lot from last year. With Covid-19 came even more responsibility for us, because biking has become even more important for many people – especially now. In a time when little is going on, biking hasn’t stopped. We are aware of the situation and are here for you. So don’t be hesitant to get out there: hit the trails, the road and all the paths in between! To clear your head, to break through athletically, to leave your cares behind on your bike and to simply have a really good time! We make it possible with you and your bike. Thank you for believing in us!


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