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For children, the next adventure is waiting around every corner. In order for them to be able to go on a journey of discovery, without restrictions and have fun, they need the right mode of transportation from the very start. This is the only way our little ones playfully become big bikers. In our kids world you will find the perfect companion for every adventure.

Kids Bikes

Children's bikes have to fulfil two things in order for the little ones to really enjoy them. They have to be light - and they have to fit. We have taken special care that all children's bikes offered in our shop are not too heavy and we decided to only offer kids' bikes that are made of lightweight aluminium. A light bicycle is just easier to control. This way the kids have more fun cycling right from the start

Christoph, Product Management

Kids Transport with a Child Seat and Trailer

Child trailers and seats are an incredibly practical solution for being mobile with the children. When selecting them for our shop were very careful to only offer ones that use harmless materials. In addition, they meet the requirements of current crash tests and have tested mounting systems.


Bike Apparel for Kids

When the sun is shining on the weekend, it is not unusual for a family to go for a bike ride. These rides often lead over gentle hills, native forests or along swimming lakes and farms. But to make a tour really fun, having the right bike clothing for children is essential.

Michael, Media

Parts for Kids Bikes

When it comes to bike parts for children, the ergonomics are particularly important. How are small hands supposed to grip handlebars with a large diameter safely? How are short legs supposed to pedal a 170 mm crank? Frustration is inevitable. Therefore, it is best to pay attention to this right from the start when choosing parts!

Tim, Brand Management

Mountain Biking with Kids

If your kids are already riding in the bike park or just like to chase through the woods on their MTBs, they need the right equipment. A good-fitting helmet, appropriate protective gear, stylish clothing and proper MTB shoes are essential to ensure that the little shredders really have fun!


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