"When it comes to our own offspring, only the best is good enough. Therefore you will only find products in our kids’ assortment which we ourselves are absolutely sure of and which we can recommend to you without a second thought."

Sebastian, Customer Service

Kids’ bicycles and balance bikes have to be two things to make them really fun for the little ones. They have to be light - and they have to fit. We have taken special care that all children's bikes offered in our shop are not too heavy and we decided to only offer kids’ bikes that are made of lightweight aluminium. A light bicycle is just easier to control. This way the kids have more fun cycling right from the start.

Children's bikes should not be bought too large or for them to grow in to. The little riders must always be able to stand so that they have the bike under optimum control. To make it easy to choose the right size, we have integrated an age filter. With it you can find the right bikes for your offspring in no time at all.

Kids’ trailers are an incredibly practical solution to travel with the children. When selecting the trailers in our range, we made sure that there was suspension. This absorbs a majority of hits from uneven terrain, whereas models without suspension pass the shocks on to your offspring. Starting at an half a year old, you can use trailers to transport your children and with accessories such as hammocks and baby carriers even earlier. If you want to use a kids’ trailer when cycling, the child should be old enough to wear a helmet and sit upright. When in doubt a paediatrician can help you if your kid is younger than one year.

When selecting the child trailers for our shop, we were very careful to only offer ones that use harmless materials and are free of dangerous plasticizers and flame retardants. In addition, they meet the requirements of current crash tests and have tested mounting systems. And if you're on an E-bike, that's no problem either. The trailers can also be used on E-bikes with up to 25 km/h of pedal assist.

The bicycle kids’ seat on the parent’s bike is very often the first time the new generation comes in contact with a two-wheeler. Child seats differ fundamentally in how they are mounted. They can either be attached to the front of the bike or to the back of the bike. Here, you can choose which type you like more.

In Germany there are special requirements for the use of child seats. These are laid down in the DIN EN 14344 standard. The use of kids’ seats is only permitted if the child has a body weight of at least 9 kg. The maximum permitted weight then depends on the way the child seat is mounted. With a front seat a maximum weight of 15 kg is permitted, in the back the seat can be used up to a maximum body weight of 22 kg, depending on the design. 

When it comes to the safe use of a child seat, you should also consider a sturdy kickstand. It makes it easier to get in and out. You can also use a kids’ seat with and E-bike with pedal assist of up to 25 km/h without any problems. We only stock models that are approved for use on E-bikes as well.

You don’t only purchase a child’s helmet when they get their first bike. Even when the child is riding a balance bike, in the kid’s bicycle seat or being transported in the trailer, wearing a suitable children’s helmet is highly recommended.

In the search for the right helmet, the right size plays a decisive role. It is important that the correct size is bought and not one that is made for the child to grow in to. Our helmet assortment for the little bikers helps you easily search for the right size and choose your favourite with the head circumference filter.

For children's helmets there is an additional test standard, the EN1080. It is derived from the general standard for helmets and has been specially developed for children's helmets. Special attention was paid to the chinstrap. According to this standard, the latter must tear at a certain traction force which is lower than that of a helmet for adults. This prevents injuries from getting caught by the chinstrap.


Kids’ bicycles, trailers, bicycle seats and accessories for children

The relationship between children and bicycles often begins at an early age. Very often, offspring are driven around in a bicycle child seat or bicycle trailer for children. Safety is important here, so your child should always wear a kid’s bicycle helmet in the child seat or bicycle trailer. When the little ones becomes more independent, the balance bikes is often the next step. Balance Bikes are available in sizes between 12” - 14" and can be used from an age of approx. 1.5 years. Here the little bikers get a good feeling for balance and motor skills at an early age. This will also make it much easier for the children to ride their bicycles properly later and they will probably manage without training wheels. From the age of 3 and upwards, many people will be riding their first real children's bike with 16" tyres. This is where the cycling fun really begins, with the option to personalise the bikes to better fit the child’s wishes. In our assortment we have various bicycle parts for children with which a child’s bicycle can be individualized, like e.g. wheelspedals, grips or saddles for children. And of course not only the bicycle can be equipped accordingly. We also have a large selection of kids’ bike clothing like kids' bike shoes, protectorsgloveseyewear or backpacks in our assortment.