"A lightweight 16” aluminium bike and a low-maintenance belt drive with the right components for your child. The perfect gift for little riders between 3 and 6 years old."

Björn, Product Management

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Kids' bicycles, components and child seats

Kids' first experience with bicycles start early. Often, children start by riding in child seats and trailers behind their parents. The most important factor here is safety, which requires that a child also wear a helmet. When your little ones are old enough, they can start riding balance bikes and learn the motor skills that are required for riding later. Most balance bikes have wheel sizes from 12"-14" and can be riding upwards of 18 months. Balance bikes are a great way to get kids pedalling later without having to use training wheels. Around 3 years old the first kids' bike comes into play with 16" wheels. Here, the bikes can be set up and customised to fit each kid's personality as they get a taste of two-wheeled freedom. In our shop, your child can choose which saddle, pedals and grips they want to ride. We even have shoes, backpacks and sunglasses for the little riders and shredders as well.