However, they have one thing in common: they are made of lightweight, functional and breathable material that ensures optimal moisture transport even on sweaty rides. They are cut long at the back and offer you enough freedom of movement during activities. In addition, they are usually equipped with pockets in which you can store a windbreaker or energy bar. View Guide

Which cycling jersey is the right one?

When you decide to buy a new cycling jersey, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is the look. After all, it's not called "Ride in Style" for nothing. Here you will find cycling jerseys in numerous designs and from many well-known brands, including Endura, Giro, Specialized, Assos, Fox Head, Gore Wear, Loose Riders, Patagonia, POC or VAUDE. Do you want your new cycling jersey to be white? Or would you prefer red? Our search filters will help you find the perfect colour.

What should you look for when buying a cycling jersey?

Besides the look, materials should also play a role in your selection. Many cycling jerseys are made of elastic materials such as elastane, so that they adapt ideally to your body movements. Modern polyamides, polyester or natural wool provide moisture wicking. If you are planning multi-day tours or appreciate comfort, cycling jerseys made of or with merino wool are a particularly good choice. They offer very good moisture management and hardly smell of sweat even after several rides if you air them out sufficiently. The same applies to cycling jerseys that contain silver ions and thus have an antibacterial effect. Many jerseys even offer you integrated sun protection – they have a sun protection factor and thus protect you (in addition to your sunscreen) from harmful UV radiation.

Cycling jerseys for all disciplines: Road Biking

You prefer to ride a road bike? Special road cycling jerseys are optimised for use on the road. They feature a tight, performance-oriented fit that reduces drag and eliminates annoying flutter. Depending on how sporty the cut is, they are referred to as race fit, regular fit, standard fit or similar. Some road cycling jerseys, mostly those for autumn and winter, also have a small standing collar to protect you from the wind. Typically, cycling jerseys for road cyclists have a zipper on the inside so that you can put them on easily despite the close fit. Special silicone cuffs and hem are designed to prevent your jersey from riding up while in motion. However, there are also silicone-free versions and other sophisticated techniques that ensure a good fit. If you start early in the morning or on cool autumn days, you can also combine your short-sleeved cycling jersey with sleeves, which you take off as soon as you are warm.

Cycling jerseys for Mountain Biking

If you prefer to ride a {%CAtegory50350000=|title=mountain bike%}, you will want to choose jerseys that are specifically designed for the needs of this sport. MTB cycling jerseys are often cut a little wider and usually have no zipper. This means that they offer you more freedom of movement, especially when you are still wearing protectors under MTB shorts and shirts. In the MTB range, you can choose between short-sleeved jerseys and long-sleeved jerseys. The latter are trendy among mountain bikers all year round, also because they offer some protection from bushes, grasses and insects protruding into the trail.

Which cycling jerseys are suitable for touring?

For cycling jerseys for touring, the focus on having a good fit as well as comfort. Having a beer during a break in a skin-tight race jersey doesn't necessarily have to be on a cycling trip, so the cuts are often a little more casual. Especially on the road, there are jerseys that dry quickly, are made of an antibacterial, odour-inhibiting material and are maybe even water-repellent.

Cycling jerseys for women and men

You can find cycling jerseys for women as well as cycling jerseys for men via our search filters. Cycling jerseys for women and men usually differ in size and cut. There tend to be smaller sizes for women and more L and XL variants for men. In addition, many manufacturers, for example Shimano and 7mesh, offer jerseys with a women-specific fit. It also doesn't matter whether you're a woman or a man: the main thing is that your cycling jersey fits perfectly and makes you happy!

Which cycling jersey is suitable for winter?

If you want to ride your bike in the cold season, a winter jersey or a thermal cycling jersey are recommended. The fleece-covered surface and cleverly combined thermal materials keep you warm, while special inserts, especially in the chest area, offer you wind protection. Alternatively, you can combine several layers of clothing. To do this, you can choose a base layer, a long-sleeved cycling jersey and put on a windbreaker, a thermal vest or a jacket over it. Here you have to try it out until you have found your optimal combination depending on the temperature and your personal comfort level.



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