There is no bad weather, just bad clothing!

The challenge in selecting the adequate clothing for a bike ride usually lies in finding the right combination for changing weather conditions. Especially on long outings in the mountains, sunshine can turn into rain very quickly. In addition, garments that are wet from sweating can quickly drain all the warmth from your body and with it goes your energy. Functional clothing should wick away sweat and excess moisture and regulate temperature.

A good way to dress flexibly and be prepared for changing weather conditions is to use a technique called layering. The first layer, also called base layer, has the role of transporting the sweat away from the body. You will find these products in the Clothing category under Base Layers. The next layer is for insulation with the purpose of keeping you warm and passing the sweat on further away from the skin. Usually, this mid layer consists of long and short sleeve jerseys and functional shirts. The third and final layer is for protection against the elements, be it wind, rain, or snow. You will find these in the categories for water-resistant and waterproof jackets and shorts and pants. In addition, check out the accessories like arm and leg warmers, thermal gloves, hats, caps, and socks.

Without protective clothing and accessories, this section would not be complete. You will find helmets for riding on the road, MTB and Downhill, as well as arm, leg, and body protection.