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You can easily find your new E-bike online here at bc! The latest battery and motor technology, intelligent features and clean integration of supporting components are increasingly making pedelecs a real alternative, even for ambitious sport cyclists. Discover electric bikes that deliver lots of off-road fun and leave you happy on the trails. Or E-bikes that give you that critical boost during a sprint or on the last few metres of a climb. We also offer E-bikes in the classic sense, with which you can enjoy relaxed tours or ride away from city traffic on the way to work. Find the E-bike that suits you perfectly.

You couldn’t find your dream bike? No problem! Give us a call and together we’ll build up your new bike - individually assembled from the frame to the groupset to the valve caps.

E-Bike Highlights

Recommended Products

Are you about to make your dream of owning your first e-bike come true? Or do you already have one in your fleet? Then now is the time to upgrade your ride experience with the right accessories and apparel. I therefore present to you a selection of recommended products that are tailored to the needs of e-bike riders. Get ready to explore new horizons with your e-bike!

Bike Locks & Security for your E-Bike


Smartphone Mounts for your E-Bike

Helmets suited for your E-Bike

Shoes suited for your E-BIke

Jackets & Vests suited for your E-Bike

Jerseys suited for your E-Bike

Pants suited for your E-Bike

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