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Almost every type of bicycle has been electrified these days, with e-mountain bikes, e-gravel bikes and e-road bikes as well as touring e-bikes being especially popular, which are just as suitable as urban all-rounders for commuting as they are for big cycling trips. Chances are good that your favourite manufacturer already has an e-bike: Specialized, Focus, Scott, Cannondale, Commencal and also brands such as Yeti or Santa Cruz - they and many more are stirring up the e-bike market. But what does e-bike actually mean in this case? In Germany, the legally correct term is "pedelec". This is what German legislation calls electrically-assisted bicycles with a maximum rated continuous power of 250 watts up to a riding speed of 25 km/h. In practice, however, the term e-bike is absolutely synonymous.

Buying an e-bike online

You can order an e-bike online just like any other bicycle. Putting it into service is no more difficult than with the classic bike, even if the box is a little heavier. Beforehand, of course, you should clarify what you want and need. Are you looking for an enduro e-mountain bike with a massive amount of travel as a lift alternative or a lightweight electric racer for that extra watt on mountain stages? Or would you prefer a touring e-bike as an all-rounder for everyday use and holidays? You can find out more about each e-bike category under their respective shop categories.

In Focus: The e-bike mid-motor

The dominant design principle for e-bikes is the mid-motor. Especially on sports equipment, it scores with its balanced weight distribution, easy wheel change, conventional gears and a good ratio of sprung to unsprung mass. An alternative is the rear motor in the rear wheel hub, which provides agile response and low wear. Automotive supplier Bosch is the market leader for e-bike drivetrains in Europe, but bicycle specialist Shimano and many other players are putting a lot of pressure on the innovation race.


Important terms: Torque, battery capacity, pedal assist and more

If the power of an e-bike drive is limited by law, how do different drive concepts differ? This is mainly due to three factors:

  • Torque: Physically, torque is "force times the lever arm". In everyday life, it is experienced primarily as towing power or strong starting thrust. Particularly powerful E-MTB drivetrains achieve torques of 85 to just over 100 Newton metres (Nm), but also require a lot of energy if this power is called up frequently.
  • Battery Capacity: The capacity of the battery is similar to the tank capacity of a car. The larger it is, the higher the maximum possible range, but the higher the weight and price of the energy storage unit. Single-battery systems typically range from 500 to 750 watt-hours (Wh), while dual-battery systems can crack 1,000 Wh. “Light” e-bikes are a special case (see below). As with a car, the actual range of an e-bike depends heavily on riding behaviour, topography, temperature, wind and also the bike's current state.
  • Pedal Assist: You can choose how much power the motor should give you within the legal limits. Manufacturers typically offer different support levels such as Eco, Normal or Turbo, but also dynamic modes such as Bosch's "E-MTB" mode, which adjusts the pedal assist based on your input and the riding situation. In the maximum support level, e-bikes add up to 400 percent to your power.

Trend: “Light” e-bikes

The greater the power and battery capacity, the higher the weight of an e-bike typically is. However, not everyone always wants maximum power. This is why lighter e-bikes are currently booming, as they have lower-torque motors that require less electrical energy and therefore get by with smaller and lighter batteries. Specialized's SL models are a prominent example of this trend. The positive effect of the lower weight and moderate power: the riding style is more like a classic bicycle and the handling is more playful, whether you’re riding on a single track or hauling the bike up and down the cellar stairs. Some manufacturers offer so-called "range extenders", often in the shape of a drink bottle. These are compact additional batteries for a light e-bike that you can quickly mount for longer rides.


Tips and Tricks

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