Vittoria Corsa G+ Control Roadbike Tire

Review: the Vittoria Corsa G+ Control tyre

Robin 10. May 2018

It is hard to find a tyre that offers comfort, puncture protection and is still super fast, but the Corsa G+ Control is that tyre.

Vittoria is a manufacturer steeped in Italian tradition and craftsmanship. Many of the world’s top professional cyclists swear by the Vittoria Corsa tubular tyre and when you ask experience mechanics what the best performing tyre is, Corsa always comes up. Corsa stands for race in Italian and describes this fast, high-quality tyre best. This review deals with the Control version of the Corsa open tubular, or clincher. Vittoria claims it is perfect for cobbles, rough roads and great when things get wet. In all honesty, this tyre is great for exactly these conditions and in my opinion, it is one of the best Road tyres on the market.

Vittoria Corsa G+ Control Roadbike Tire

Comfort, grip and speed all in one.

Vittoria G+ Control Corsa Roadbike Tire

The tread patter also helps grip the road.

The facts

The Vittoria Vittoria Corsa G+ tyre is known as an open tubular. This means that it is produced exactly like their tubular versions, except that the sewn in tube is left out. The Control shares the same 320 tpi carcass like the other top Vittoria models, with the head thread count providing a supple and fine ride. The G+ stands for the 4-compound rubber used, which provides increased puncture protection and durability.

Just right

I went with the 25 mm version, my preferred width, and on my 17c rims, they come out to roughly 27 mm wide. This size offers top comfort with very low rolling resistance, perfect for Road riding. I also weighed the tyres and they come in a 254 g a piece. One thing that I was really impressed with, was how easy it was to mount it. Often, other tyres require that you use a tyre lever to the last bit over the rim, but I really hate doing this on my carbon wheels. With the Corsa G+ Control, I didn’t have to do a thing, expect push them on. A relief in a world of tight Road tyres.

Vittoria Corsa G+ Control Roadbike Tire Rennrad

The carcass is special due to its 320 tpi.

On the road

There is nothing like putting new tyres on your bike. Once again everything is rolling super smooth and sound of the tyre gripping the asphalt puts a smile on my face. Of course, I can only give you my personal thoughts on the tyres, but after roughly 10,000 km on a set or two, I have a pretty good feeling for them.

Vittoria Corsa G+ Control Roadbike Tire Rennrad

OG gravel roads in Italy were no problem.

Vittoria Corsa G+ Control Roadbike Tire

A tread full of grip.

Vittoria Corsa G+ Control Roadbike Tire

The best option for long tours.

Super grip

The Corsa G+ Control’s grip astonishes me again and again. This can be attributed to the 4-compound tread. The centre utilizes a fast and hard mix to increase durability and puncture protection. The sides of the tread have a softer compound that grabs on to the road while cornering or riding on rough wet surfaces. The side tread is what differs the Control from the standard Vittoria Corsa G+.

Puncture protection

The Control tyre comes with a reinforced tread that is 0.4 mm thicker than the normal Corsa, increasing its puncture protection. I’ve been riding these tyre for a while now and after over 10,000 km I have only had one puncture. Pretty good record huh?

Only one puncture after 10,000 km.


Make a change?

Knowing how good the Vittoria Corsa G+ Control tyre preform, I will probably never make a change. I can only recommend that every Road rider switch though. Riding them with latex tubes gave me the feeling I was on a true tubular tyre and when combined with the grip and puncture protection the Controls offer, they are hard to be. They may seem a little pricey, but I find them totally worth it. Those who spend a lot of time on their bike should consider trying out the Corsa G+ Control tyre. I promise you won’t regret it.

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Have you ever ridden Vittoria tyres?



Blog comments are published with first name and first letter of surname.
Blog comments are published with first name and first letter of surname.
  • yves s. 30. July 2018

    hey Robin, would this be a good summer tire for ultra races ?? I normally use Continental 4seasons 25. these give a little less comfort but are very puncture proof :-)

    Blog comments are published with first name and first letter of surname.
    Blog comments are published with first name and first letter of surname.
    • Robin 30. July 2018

      Hi Yves, nice to hear from you after our nice day at the Dirty Boar Event! :) I would highly recommend the Vittoria Corsa Control for your type of riding. They are very good at puncture resistance and have a very low rolling resistance. To my point of view, they are faster than any other tire with additional puncture protection.

      I would give them a try - mount them with Latex tubes and you will get a very comfy ride! Another interesting choice would be to pair them with Revoloop inner tubes:

      Best regards, Robin

  • Christian W. 14. June 2018

    I have written Vittoria tyres before, also a Version of the Corsa and made a great experience in Terms of Performance, endurance as well as protection. Furthermore they are simple to Mount on my Carbon wheels and provide lowest possible weight. Simply a perfect tyre that everyone must try.

    Blog comments are published with first name and first letter of surname.
    Blog comments are published with first name and first letter of surname.
    • Robin 19. June 2018

      Hey Christian, this matches my experiences! One of the best tyres on the market for all conditions of road racing. Regards, Robin