Muc-Off Wet Lube

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Wet Lube - universal/120 ml
Wet Lube - universal/50 ml
Wet Lube - universal/400 ml
Wet Lube - universal/400 ml
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All-rounder for your chain: Wet Lube chain oil for wet conditions by Muc-Off

Wet Lube chain oil from Muc-Off was specially developed for long distances in wet or muddy conditions. It prevents rust and corrosion and gives your bike more efficiency. Wet Lube is optimal for chains, shift cables, shift levers, front derailleurs and pedals.


Designation: MUC-OFF WET LUBE
Application: Lubricant


- offers perfect lubrication
- for wet, muddy conditions
- water-repellent protection for the chain
- reduces friction for smooth and quiet shifting
- vegetable oil-based formula
- for chain, shifters and rear derailleurs
- pipette system for easy application
- ideal for road, cyclocross and mountain bikes
- 100 % biodegradable

Hazardous Substance:

No marking required.


Muc-Off Ltd.
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United Kingdom
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400 ml:
Nominal Amount: 400 ml
Packaging Type: spray can
Manufacturer Number: 2222

120 ml:
Nominal Amount: 120 ml
Packaging Type: dropper bottle
Manufacturer Number: 769

50 ml:
Nominal Amount: 50 ml
Packaging Type: dropper bottle
Manufacturer Number: 767


- 1 x Muc-Off Wet Lube


  • universal/400 ml, in stock
  • universal/50 ml, in stock
  • universal/120 ml, in stock

Customer Reviews (14)


Customer Reviews (14)


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by Eugeniu D.  on 21.03.2022
verified purchase

Best one !

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by Hannes H.  on 27.02.2022
verified purchase

Good stuff, stays on the chain quite well during rain, plus it's apparently biodegradeable!
The only real downside is it's difficult to clean off, but that's the tradeaoff you have to make.

P.S. it strangely enough smells nice when applying

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by Guttorm D.  on 27.08.2021
verified purchase

Have used this for a couple of months in a variety of conditions, but mostly wet. I used it on my mountainbike. I guess lubing properties are good. But if you use this offroad your drivetrain will gradually pack up with dirt and grime. Its probably not worse than other wet lubes. But now i have cleaned my drivetrain and will go back to wax-based, rocknroll extreme. That keeps the drivetrain much cleaner, you have to lube a bit more often but its worth it.

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by Johannes N.  on 18.04.2021
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is it the perfect lube? no
but it performed well, for 4 hour rides, in most conditions. I've tested in harsh winter conditions with puddles, snow, brutal rain.

This lube suits most conditions, for wet summer days to muddy wet rain autumn days, to winter, riding in slush, -11c dry icy. but won’t keep the drive train completely clean, this lube performed ok for every thing I put it trough. will last logner than the dry lube.
In hot summer days when the bike stands indoors overnight, the lube gets thicker/ the consistency changes, and the chain does not run as smoothly, and the drive train will be noisier and it will attract more dust, so you need to lube it after each ride or the the next day before the ride.

There might be other lubes that perform as well or better, but so far Muc Off & Weldtite has my

Review I did few years ago, it includes pictures:

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