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OneUp Components EDC Top Cap w/ Preload Kit - orange/universal
OneUp Components EDC Top Cap w/ Preload Kit - black/universal
OneUp Components EDC Top Cap w/ Preload Kit - red/universal
OneUp Components EDC Top Cap w/ Preload Kit - green/universal
OneUp Components EDC Top Cap w/ Preload Kit - purple/universal
OneUp Components EDC Top Cap w/ Preload Kit - blue/universal
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OneUp Components EDC Top Cap + Preload Kit: a clever solution

The OneUp Components EDC Top Cap with Preload Kit is the ideal solution for those who want to use the EDC Tool System in their steerer tube, but don't want to tap threads to do so. The kit includes an EDC compatible top cap, a headset bearing preload assembly, headset spacers (total 40 mm) and an EDC steerer plug. The Top Cap is available is seven attractive colours. There is a reason why so many Enduro World Series pro riders use the OneUp EDC Tool. Its immediately there when a mechanical happens and has everything you need. OneUp wanted to make this solution available to more riders, even those with steel or carbon steerer tubes, and that's why they developed it.
Note: all of this only works with the OneUp Stem. It has a recess on the bottom where the Preload Kit is installed. Via a third bolt on the steerer tube clamp, the headset pre-load can be adjusted. The Preloader is made of a conically split wedge collar with a pinch bolt connected to a conical headset spacer. When tightening the bolt on the back side of the stem, the internal cone pushes the conical headset spacer down and preloads the headset. The EDC steerer plug is also needed for the EDC Tool System and is compatible with most tapered steerer tubes.

Technical Information:

Material: aluminium
Top Cap Compatibility: 1 1/8" steerer tube
Steerer Plug Compatibility: 1 1/8" - 1.5" tapered steerer tubes


- no need to tap threads in the steerer tube to store EDC Tool
- Preload Kit (hidden in headset) preloads the headset via the stem
- no Ahead star nut needed, must be removed before installation
- incl. shim spacers for clip-in mount on the stem (normal spacers can be used under the stem)
- only works with OneUp stems

Required Fork Dimensions:

Steerer Tube Length: 183 - 230 mm
Start Nut Diameter: 24.25 mm - 24.80 mm (check with the Go, No-Go tool from the EDC tap kit)
Steerer Tube Diameter (min.): 22.1 mm
Recommended Steerer Tube Diameter (max.): 31.75 mm - 34.00 mm

NotCompatible With:

- Cannondale Lefty
- certain Fox 32
- Fox 34 29" 2012-2015
- Giant Overdrive 2
- w/ SRAM Pike Boost as of 2016 as well as SRAM Lyrik Boost as of 2016 the CO2 cartridges might not have enough space
- w/ the Öhlins RXF the EDC plug does not fit

Colour Index:

To colour refers to the EDC Top Cap.

Factory Numbers:

black: 1C0588BLK
blue: 1C0588BLU
gold: 1C0588GLD
green: 1C0588GRN
orange: 1C0588ORA
purple: 1C0588PUR
red: 1C0588RED


- 1 x OneUp Components top cap
- 1 x OneUp Components Preload Kit w/ bolt
- 2 x OneUp Components EDC 5 mm spacers for clip-in mount on stem
- 2 x OneUp Components EDC 10 mm spacers for clip-in mount on stem
- 1 x OneUp Components steerer plug


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  • gold/universal
  • orange/universal
  • purple/universal
  • black/universal
  • red/universal
  • blue/universal
  • green/universal

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