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Duffle Travel Bag - black/60 litres
Duffle Travel Bag - sun yellow-black/60 litres
Duffle Travel Bag - sun yellow-black/85 litres
Duffle Travel Bag - ocean blue-black/110 litres
Duffle Travel Bag - ocean blue-black/110 litres
Duffle Travel Bag - ocean blue-black/110 litres
Duffle Travel Bag - ocean blue-black/110 litres
Duffle Travel Bag - ocean blue-black/110 litres
Duffle Travel Bag - olive/60 litres
Duffle Travel Bag - olive/60 litres
Duffle Travel Bag - olive/60 litres
Duffle Travel Bag - olive/60 litres
Duffle Travel Bag - olive/60 litres
Duffle Travel Bag - olive/60 litres
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Adventurer gear: the Duffle Travel Bag by Ortlieb

If you like to explore the extremes on your adventures, you expect the same level of stamina from your equipment. The waterproof Duffle can hold clothing and other items, and can be quickly converted into a practical backpack thanks to its comfortably padded shoulder straps, which can also be used as carrying handles. The long TIZIP® zipper allows for quick access to equipment, whose pack size can be further reduced with the internal compression strap. Its reinforced bottom made of abrasion-resistant PS620C fabric makes it a durable expedition partner. The bag can be locked with a separate small cable lock (not included).


Protection Rating: IP 67
Volume: 60 litres, 85 litres, 110 litres

Technical Information:

Material: polyester fabric, PVC coated (PD620)


- waterproof heavy-duty expedition bag in three sizes with backpack function
- padded, removable shoulder straps, can be used as carrying handle
- can be carried by hand or on the back
- volume indication in litres on the side of the bag
- long waterproof TIZIP® zipper provides large opening for easy access
- 1 compression strap on the inside for volume adjustment
- 2 interior zip pockets
- 1 outer mesh zip pocket (not waterproof!)
- daisy chain for lashing and attaching extra equipment (both sides)
- reinforced bottom made of abrasion-resistant fabric PS620C
- ideal for touring, travel, expeditions
- IP 67 = dust-tight, no dust ingress, protected against water penetration during temporary submersion (depth of product bottom: 1 m, duration: 3 min)
- made in Germany


The TIZIP® zip closure used by Ortlieb is made up of a plastic spiral zip on stable fabric. Sealing zippers " go harder" than conventional zippers, and so must be maintained with lubricant in order to keep running smoothly. Products with TIZIP® zippers offer a perfect solution for when you require moisture and dustproof protection, but also need to be able to access items easily and quickly. Each spiral half is securely embedded and fixed in a plastic profile. When closing the zipper, the sealing lips above and below the spiral are pressed together. The ingenious design prevents the slider from rubbing against the sealing lips during both opening and closing. On top of that, the plastic profile is highly abrasion-resistant. The physics of the zipper are designed in such a way that the tightness improves when the internal pressure is increased or in general when a transverse load is applied, by pressing the sealing lips more strongly together. The zipper is extremely resistant to dirt and shows the highest level of durability and longevity even under rough conditions. It is tread-proof, highly resistant to abrasion and can tolerate short sharp bends. The zipper has an extremely high transverse tensile strength of 300 N/cm when closed.

Zip Closure:
For easy zipping and unzipping, it is necessary to keep the whole zipper, especially at the U-shaped end piece (port), lubricated. Wipe off the remains of the sliding paste with a cloth and open and close the zipper several times.

Size Guide:

60 litres
- Volume: 60 litre
- Dimensions (HxWxD): 29 cm x 58 cm x 35 cm

85 litres
- Volume: 85 litre
- Dimensions (HxWxD): 31 cm x 65 cm x 44 cm

110 litres
- Volume: 110 litre
- Dimensions (HxWxD): 34 cm x 70 cm x 46 cm

Manufacturer Part Numbers:

yellow-black / 60 litres: K1433
yellow-black / 85 litres: K1403
yellow-black / 110 litres: K1453
ocean blue-black / 60 litres: K1434
ocean blue-black / 85 litres: K1404
ocean blue-black / 110 litres: K1454
black/ 60 litres: K1431
black/ 85 litres: K1401
black/ 110 litres: K1451
white-black / 60 litres: K1432
white-black / 85 litres: K1452
white-black / 110 litres: K1402

Manufacturer's Guarantee:

Ortlieb gives a 5-year guarantee from the date of purchase on defects that are due to insufficient or faulty processing of the materials used. You can find out about the exact warranty conditions here.


- 1 x Ortlieb Duffle travel bag, incl. straps


  • black/40 litres: 986 g
  • black/60 litres: 1180 g
  • black/85 litres: 1360 g
  • black/110 litres: 1490 g


in stock 2 to 7 days up to 10 days Out of stock inform me
  • black/40 litres
  • black/60 litres
  • black/85 litres
  • black/110 litres
  • sun yellow-black/40 litres
  • sun yellow-black/60 litres
  • sun yellow-black/85 litres
  • sun yellow-black/110 litres
  • olive/40 litres
  • olive/60 litres
  • olive/85 litres
  • olive/110 litres

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Customer Reviews (3)


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by Christoph A.  on 07.10.2016
verified purchase

Perfekte Tasche - robust - jede Menge Platz

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by Christoph S.  on 11.01.2015
verified purchase

Wir haben die Tasche nun schon auf mehreren (nicht Fahrrad-)Reisen verwendet und sind sehr zufrieden damit. Es passt viel rein und es stecken sehr praktische Detail-Lösungen drin, z.B. innwendige Gurte zum Festzurren des Inhalts vor dem Schliessen des Reissverschlusses: So kann man den Reissverschluss mühelos schliessen.

Ebenso kann die Tasche als Rucksack getragen werden: Längere Wanderungen würde ich damit zwar nicht unternehmen, aber für kurze Transfers ist die Rucksack-Tragefunktion überaus praktisch, weil man dann die Hände frei hat. Der Reissverschluss (inkl. dazugehöriges Pflegemittel) ist toll und hat uns bisher überzeugt.

Wir würden die Tasche nicht mehr hergeben. Wenn es etwas zu verbessern gäbe, wären es Räder, aber dann ist's kein Duffle (= Seesack) mehr :-)

Is this review helpful?
by Tim S.  on 04.10.2014
verified purchase

Absolut Wasserdicht!

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