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Wahoo KICKR V6 Trainer

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The KICKR V6 Trainer by Wahoo - Smart indoor training with an authentic outdoor feeling

The KICKR V6 trainer by Wahoo smartly imitates the outdoor riding experience for your indoor training. The feet on the AXIS emulate the side-to-side movements your bike makes, lending a more natural feel to your workouts. The quiet smart trainer measures speed, power and of course your cadence with +/- 1% accuracy. It automatically adjusts resistances and simulates gradients of up to 20 %. Thanks to KICKR Direct Connect, you can transfer data via Wi-Fi, which gives you a particularly stable connection to smart training apps such as Zwift. This is particularly advantageous for online races and group rides, as you will never lose contact with your group. If you are doing interval training, ERG Easy Ramp will bring you back to your baseline without interruptions. For an even more authentic riding experience, the Smart Bike features a Multiple Bluetooth function, which allows you to connect and operate the KICKR Climb, the KICKR Headwind as well as your bike computer in parallel. You also train with performance accuracy, without having to perform a tedious calibration before every workout - instead, you can start off right away.

Information regarding the return of batteries and electrical equipment:

Information on the return and disposal of used batteries and electrical equipment can be found here.


turbo trainer with direct drive
Resistance Adjustment:
Brake Power (max.):
2200 W
Simulated Slope (max.):
20 %
Power Meter:
Yes, accuracy +/- 1 %
Data Transfer:
Bluetooth, Ant+, WLAN
FE-C (Fitness-Equipment-Control), S&C (Speed & Cadence), PWR (Power)

Technical Information:

Resistance Unit:
electromagnetic brake
Resistance Levels:
Fly Wheel:
7.25 kg
Power Source:
100 - 240 V, cannot operate without power
Dimensions (L x W x H):
510 mm x 710 mm x 440 mm


Wheel Size:
24" , 26" , 27.5" , 28" , 29"
Axle Type:
quick release, thru-axle
Over Locknut Dimension:
14 x 142 mm, 14 x 148 mm, 10 x 130 mm, 10 x 135 mm
Freehub Compatibility:
8/9/10/11-speed Shimano/SRAM (Road)

Note: To mount 8-/9-/10-speed cassettes on a Shimano rotor, a 1.85 mm spacer is required.

Approved For:

Weight Limit:
114 kg


  • low-noise trainer for indoor workouts with side-to-side movement for a realistic riding experience
  • measures speed, distance, power and cadence
  • KICKR Direct Connect for data transfer via WiFi
  • ERG Easy Ramp for interval training without interruption
  • slope change in real time or manually
  • Multiple Bluetooth: can connect up to three Bluetooth devices simultaneously
  • accurate performance without calibration
  • height adjustable in accordance with wheel size
  • sturdy steel construction
  • for bicycles with and without disc brakes
  • also equipped for boost axles


Automatic Calibration
The KICKR calibrates itself automatically while driving, without the need for advanced manual adjustment.

Direct Connect
The KICKR can be connected directly to your home network. This way, you avoid a connection interruption and your race or training progress is not disrupted.

Manufacturer Number:



  • 1 x Wahoo KICKR V6 trainer
  • 1 x Wahoo power pack
  • 1 x 11-speed cassette (11-28, Shimano Road compatible)
  • 1 x (Shimano freehub body)
  • 1 x Wahoo spacer for brake pads
  • 1 x Wahoo spacer for freehub, 1.8 mm
  • 1 x Wahoo drive side adapter for 130 mm / 135 mm quick release
  • 1 x Wahoo spacer for 130 mm / 135 mm quick release
  • 1 x Wahoo drive side adapter for 12 x 142 mm / 12 x 148 mm thru-axle
  • 1 x Wahoo hub spacing for thru axle (switchable)
  • 3 x Wahoo AXIS feet Stiff and Easy Feet

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