Whether it's their first experience riding in road traffic or on an outing with their parents, children's helmets protect the heads of the youngest kids in the event of falls or accidents. Compared to bicycle helmets for adults, helmets for kids are of course smaller, but other child-friendly details also ensure that little ones are comfortable and, above all, safe on the bike. In addition to easy-to-use fasteners, many children's bicycle helmets offer more protection in some areas, such as on the forehead, due to more material. Bright colours and designs will make them want to wear a helmet. Have a look around our extensive range of bike helmets for kids of all ages! Read further and discover more.

Kids Helmet Highlights

Which bike helmet is best for children?

The best helmet is different for every rider. As with adults, the most important aspects of children's bike helmets are fit and size. You can find more information about this below. Of course, your bike discipline also plays a decisive role. There are kids’ MTB and BMX helmets for sportier activities. They offer more protection than models designed for everyday use. Full-face helmets for children offer maximum safety for their first visits to the bike park. Our shop’s search filters will help you find them. In addition, the child's opinion is also an important factor. If they like the helmet, they’ll be glad to wear it. In our range you will find children’s helmets from MET, Specialized, POC, Giro and Abus, as well as other top brands.

Bicycle helmets for children: what do I look for?

You can use this checklist as a guide when selecting a children's helmet:

  • Size and fit
  • Area of use
  • Simple operation (easy to secure and adjust)
  • Additional safety features such as MIPS
  • Design and colour
  • Ventilation
  • Weight
  • Practical extras such as reflectors, lights and bug protection

Bicycle Helmets for Children: Size and Fit

Children's helmets come in sizes that correspond to the circumference of the head. You can simply measure it and then filter it conveniently in the shop. Most helmets offer an adjustment system that allows for fine-tuning within the range specified by the size. For a new helmet to fit properly and comfortably, it should fit the shape of your head. There is no magic formula here, so it’s worth trying on different models. If the shape and size are correct, then you should make further adjustments to ensure the helmet is worn properly. Manufacturers usually give practical advice on this matter.

Comfort and Extra Protection in Children's Helmets

The weight and ventilation of a helmet are important factors, especially for children. If the helmet is too heavy or too warm, it quickly becomes uncomfortable and the child will not want to wear it. A lightweight and well-ventilated children's helmet remains inconspicuous and avoids meltdowns and tantrums. Some bicycle helmets for children offer additional safety features such as MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System). The main part of the helmet is slightly movable on the part that sits on the child's head. Children's helmets with MIPS can thus dampen rotational forces that occur in many falls.

At what age is a bicycle helmet recommended for children?

You may be wondering at what age kids should start wearing a helmet. There is no strict age limit. If the child is already riding a regular bike or a balance bike, head protection is definitely recommended. One could argue that children ought to begin wearing helmets even earlier if they ride in trailers or child seats. There is a good reason why bicycle helmets are only available from a head circumference of about 44 cm. This is because the neck muscles of young babies are not yet strong enough to cope with the additional weight of a helmet without problems. If they’re ready, then it’s time to start wearing a helmet. In order to fit with the backrest and headrest on child seats and trailers, bicycle helmets for toddlers and babies are often flattened on the back of the head.

Bicycle Helmets for Girls and Boys

Many manufacturers differentiate between children's bike helmets for boys and girls, and you can also filter by gender in our shop. Mostly it's all about design – in regards to fit or size, it usually doesn't matter.

You are not sure which helmet is the right one? Just give us a call and we will be happy to help you and clarify all important questions.

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