Bicycle Helmets for Children

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You don’t only purchase a child’s helmet when they get their first bike. Even when the child is riding a balance bike, in the kid’s bicycle seat or being transported in the trailer, wearing a suitable children’s helmet is highly recommended.

In the search for the right helmet, the right size plays a decisive role. It is important that the correct size is bought and not one that is made for the child to grow in to. Our helmet range for the little bikers can be easily searched for the right size using the head circumference filter so you can choose your favourite.

For children's helmets there is an additional test standard, the EN1080. It is derived from the general standard for helmets and has been specially developed for children's helmets. Special attention was paid to the chinstrap. According to this standard, the latter must tear at a certain traction force which is lower than that of a helmet for adults. This prevents injuries from getting caught by the chinstrap.

"You are not sure which kids bike helmet is the right one? Just give us a call and we will be happy to help you and clarify all important questions."

Sebastian, Customer Service

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