Kids Bikes

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Kids Bike Highlights

Children's bikes have to fulfil two things in order for the little ones to really enjoy them. They have to be light - and they have to fit. We have taken special care that all children's bikes offered in our shop are not too heavy and we decided to only offer kids’ bikes that are made of lightweight aluminium. A light bicycle is just easier to control. This way the kids have more fun cycling right from the start.

Children's bikes should not be bought too large or for them to grow in to. The little riders must always be able to stand so that they have the bike under optimum control. To make it easy to choose the right size, we have integrated an age filter. With it you can find the right bikes for your offspring in no time at all.

You are not sure which kids bike is the right one? Just give us a call and we will be happy to help you and clarify all important questions.

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