Bombtrack is a young and international bicycle company that is located in Cologne, Germany. A few years ago, they were mostly known as a small Fixie brand. Today, the Bombtrack Bicycle Company makes two-wheeled steeds for just about every terrain. Their bikes are thought through and reliable, to ensure they never leave you hanging. Practical components and details make Bombtrack bikes some of the best adventure machines. Bombtrack bicycles can often be seen at events like the Dirty Reiver, Tuscany Trail or Dirty Boar, proving how loved they really are.

More about Bombtrack

Bombtrack Bikes & Frames - Honest steel for ambitious riders.

Bombtrack bikes is a young bicycle company based in Cologne, Germany. Since their founding in 2011 they have received quite a bit of attention nationally as well as internationally. In the beginning, they were at home in fixed gear and fixe freestyle cultures, but they have expanded their portfolio to include Cyclocross, classic Road and a plethora of travel bikes. For example, the Hook & Audax series are some of the most durable Bombtrack bikes that will take you from the street, to the forest without fail.

All Bombtrack bikes have a clean design, a practical setup and a robust construction in common. They began only producing steel, but now offer models in aluminium as well as carbon parts. Start your next adventure right with a Bombtrack bike!