Campagnolo Zonda C17 Wheelset - black/28" set (front + rear) clincher Shimano

Campagnolo Zonda C17 Wheelset

Item number: 49927


Wheel Size:
Tyre Type:
wired tyre
Number of Spokes:
16 (front), 21 (rear)
Brake Type:
rim brake
Tubeless System:
8 / 9 / 8.5 / 8 / 8.5

Freehub Compatibility:

Shimano Freehub:
8/9/10/11-speed Shimano/SRAM (Road)
Campy Freehub:
9-/10-/11-/12-speed Campagnolo
Installing 8-/9-/10-speed cassettes on Shimano freehub bodies requires a 1.85 mm spacer.

Technical Information - Rim:

Dimensions (ETRTO):
Inner Width:
17 mm
24-27 mm (front), 27-30 mm (rear) (depending on section)
Valve Hole Diameter:
SV / Presta (6.5 mm)
Rim Material:

Technical Information - Front Hub:

Over Locknut Dimension:
9 x 100 mm quick release
cup & cone (steel)
Body Material:

Technical Information - Rear Hub:

Over Locknut Dimension:
10 x 130 mm quick release
cup & cone (steel)
Body Material:

Technical Information - Lacing:

Front Lacing Pattern:
Rear Lacing Pattern:
Spoke Type:
Spoke Material:
aluminium, anodised
Nipple Type:
self-locking, external
Nipple Material:
Brass, chrome-plated

Approved For:

Weight Limit:
109 kg total weight*
Recommended Tyre Width:
25-50 mm

* When weighing more than 82 kg (180 lb) shorter inspection intervals are recommended.


Not all wheels are the same, nor are all riders. That's why Campagnolo, in collaboration with professional riders and cycling amateurs, has identified the 5 most important indicators that will help you choose the wheel that best suits your riding style and requirements.
What does S.H.A.R.C. mean?
S = Smoothness: Helps you compare the smooth running characteristics of the wheels, e.g. through the use of CULT™ high-performance ball bearings or USB™ ceramic ball bearings or other technologies used in the wheel, such as 2-Way Fit™.
H = Handling: This means agility and responsiveness of the wheel when changing direction in response to input from the rider. This index relies on the geometry of the spokes and hub, the cross-section of the rim, the materials used and the type of tyre.
A = Aerodynamic: Indicates the performance of the wheel in terms of air penetration. This depends on the height and profile of the rim, the cross-section and shape of the spokes and the spoke position (symmetrical/asymmetrical) of the wheel.
R = Reactivity: How " willingly" and quickly does the wheel react to a change in your pedalling rhythm? The wheel's reactivity index relates precisely to this concept. Reactivity depends on the weight of the rim and wheel as a whole, torsional stiffness (i.e. how much the wheel deforms around the hub when the rider pedals), bending stiffness (i.e. how well the wheel maintains its shape in the axle when it moves out of the vertical axis due to pedalling load) and inertia.
C = Comfort: Do you prefer a wheel that softens the unevenness of the ground or one that remains absolutely and uncompromisingly stiff? The " comfort" index is intended to help you understand how the wheel behaves when the road surface is not perfectly smooth or how much the wheel transmits vibrations to the frame.

Dynamic Balance™
The concept is simple and ingenious: balance the mass of the rim joint with an equivalent mass positioned exactly on the other side of the rim. In top-of-the-range aluminium models, this is achieved by special machining in the area opposite the rim joint(Rim Dynamic Balance™ = RDB).

A magnet and a lot of expertise. This is how the patent of the tested " Mounting Magnet" system, i.e. MoMag™, came to be. How does it work? After the nipples have been inserted into the rim via the valve opening, they are " guided" to the connection point with the rim using a magnet. With this simple and ingenious system, you get a wheel with no holes on the upper rim, but with conventional nipples for lacing! Advantages: no drilling in the rim bed, which means a consistently even rim without critical points or fractures, and no rim tape is necessary for wired tyres, which has a positive effect on the weight. The advantages are immediately obvious: longer rim durability, higher resistance to fatigue, possibility of tighter tensioning of the spokes and greater stiffness; in terms of performance, this means higher reactivity and acceleration. What's more: Replacing and maintaining spokes becomes extremely simple and fast. All to the benefit of the cyclist who has chosen Campagnolo.

Campagnolo developed a lacing pattern that, compared to a conventional wheel, allows improved energy transfer, reduces the stress on the spokes on the right side of the rear wheel and increases lateral stiffness. In G3™ geometry, the right side of the rear wheel has twice the number of spokes compared to the left side.
The advantages of the G3™ system are amazing: improved transmission of the drive force, increased lateral stiffness, reduction of spoke tension on the rear wheel. Thanks to the G3 system™, which compensates for the forces acting on the 2 sides of the wheel, vibrations are eliminated even for people with heavier weights. G3™ becomes Mega-G3™ thanks to the oversize flange. This solution further increases the torsional stiffness and thus improves the overall responsiveness of the wheel.

Spokes anti-rotation system™
Some Campagnolo wheels feature the anti-spin system for spokes patented by Campagnolo. This system increases the performance of the spokes to an unprecedented level. Campagnolo engineers have redesigned the interface between spokes and hubs from the ground up, creating a connection system that keeps the spokes in the same position at all times. In this way the spokes of Campagnolo wheels do not rotate, do not lose tension in use and do not compromise aerodynamics.

Manufacturer Numbers:

Campagnolo Freehub:
Shimano Freehub:


  • 1 x Campagnolo Zonda Wheelset (front & rear)
  • 2 x Campagnolo quick releases
  • 1 x spacer (Shimano only)


  • black/28" set (front + rear) clincher Shimano: 1540 g (Satz)
  • 100 day return period
  • Online since 1998
  • Trusted Shop 4.84 / 5.00


  • black/28" set (front + rear) clincher Campy, in stock
  • black/28" set (front + rear) clincher Shimano, in stock

Customer Reviews (7)


Customer Reviews (7)


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by Christian Manolo D. on 12.03.2024
verified purchase
item: black/28" set (front + rear) clincher Shimano

Nice ones

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by Tim M. on 13.01.2024
verified purchase
item: black/28" set (front + rear) clincher Campy

Excellent wheelset, these are my second pair, after putting 35,000 thousand miles on my first set. In those 35k miles I only needed to true the front wheel once, the rear remained true throughout.
Light at around 1500 grams, they’re also durable, spin freely on easily adjusted and serviced ball bearing hubs, and provide a smooth ride with little flex. Also, still hand made in Italy.
You won’t find a better set of road wheels for anywhere near the price.
These shipped to the USA from Germany, very securely packaged, arrived in perfect condition.

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