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Clean, smooth, strong, Gates Carbon Drive Belts are designed to meet the demands of all cyclists. If you're a casual urban cyclist, the CDN Carbon Drive belt is the right choice with its nine carbon cords and an engineered polymer body.

Guidelines for the parts replacement of E-bikes:

Please follow the Guidelines for the parts replacement of CE marked E-bikes / pedelecs with pedal assist.


Application: City, E-Bike
Width: 12 mm

Technical Information:

- 1221 mm / 111 teeth
- 1243 mm / 113 teeth
- 1265 mm / 115 teeth
- 1298 mm / 118 teeth
- 1320 mm / 120 teeth
- 1342 mm / 122 teeth
Pitch: 11 mm
Material: polymer, carbon, nylon


- CDN sprockets
- CDX sprockets


- CDN: lower priced CenterTrack Variant
- suitable for paved roads and city
- high modulus engineered polymer with carbon fiber tensile cords
- bicycle-optimized tooth profile
- nylon tooth facing with jacket

Note: The CDN belt is not authorized for Mountain or Trekking use (will result in quicker wear) and not authorized for use with middle motors. To calculate the correct belt length use Gates Carbon Drive Belt Calculator.


Gates Carbon Drive System
The technology behind Gates Carbon Drive System is rooted in high horsepower motorcycles and dragsters. Now, this high performance technology has been perfected for a wide variety of bicycles. At the core of the drive is the Carbon Drive belt. Custom made, this carbon-fiber belt is a strong and efficient replacement to a traditional bike chain. The drive is completed with the innovative sprocket designs and your choice of internally-geared or single-speed hub. The patented Gates Carbon Drive System gives you a longer-lasting, lower-maintenance drive, and most importantly, an unbelievably awesome ride.
CLEAN - LOW MAINTENANCE: No lube required = no grease stains. It sheds dirt and grime and cleaning with water is easy. Just get on it and ride.
QUIET: No chain = no chain clatter. It's spooky quiet.
LIGHT: Gates Carbon Drive weighs less than a chain drive. Lighter weight means
higher performance.
STRONG: The instant engagement and smooth feel is unlike anything you've
experienced before. You've got to ride it to believe it.

Belt Tension
Proper belt tension is essential for optimum operation of the Gates Carbon Drive System. Common types of tensioning systems include sliding or pivoting dropouts and eccentric bottom brackets.
There are several common methods for measuring tension on your Carbon Drive system: the
Gates Krikit Gauge (North America only), the Eco Tension Tester, the Spring Tension Tester and the Gates Carbon Drive Mobile Apps.
Gates Carbon Drive Tension Recommendations are as follows:
- Mountain and Urban - smooth and steady pedaling style: 40-60 Hz (35-45 lbs)
- Mountain and Urban -punchy and rough pedaling style: 60-75 Hz (45-53 lbs)
- Internally Geared Hub: 35-50 Hz (28-40 lbs)
- Tandem: 60-65 Hz (45-48 lbs)
- Shimano STEPS: 35-45 Hz (28-35 lbs)

Manufacturer Part Numbers:

1221 mm: 11M-111T-12CTS CDN
1243 mm: 11M-113T-12CTS CDN
1265 mm: 11M-115T-12CTS CDN
1298 mm: 11M-118T-12CTS CDN
1320 mm: 11M-120T-12CTS CDN
1342 mm: 11M-122T-12CTS CDN


- 1 x Gates CDN belt


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  • black/1221 mm
  • black/1243 mm
  • black/1265 mm
  • black/1298 mm
  • black/1320 mm
  • black/1342 mm

Customer Reviews (2)


Customer Reviews (2)


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by sergey o.  on 26.05.2020

After 3000km+ the belt is dead. Teeth are torn away. Used in urban area mostly. Cleaned when it needed. Proper tension according to Gates app.

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