Gates CDN Belt

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CDN Belt - black/1265 mm
CDN Belt - black/1265 mm
CDN Belt - black/1265 mm
CDN Belt - black/1265 mm
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The CDN belt from Gates is the right choice for urban cyclists. It is 12 mm wide and consists of strong carbon fibre strands, an elastic polymer body and a nylon drive side.

Guidelines for Replacing E-bike Components:

Before you replace components on your e-bike, please read through the guidelines for component replacement for CE-marked E-bikes/pedelecs with pedal assistance.


Application: City
Width: 12 mm

Technical Information:

Length: 1221 mm, 1243 mm, 1265 mm, 1298 mm, 1320 mm, 1342 mm
Tooth division: 11 mm
Material: Polymer, Carbon, Nylon


- CDN Belt Drive Sprockets
- CDX Belt Drive Sprockets

Note from the manufacturer:

The CDN system is not approved for mountain bikes, E-bikes with a mid-motor or gearbox, bikes without gears, or touring bikes.


- CDN level: cost-effective CenterTrack variant
- suited for city and asphalt roads
- middle guide groove (CenterTrack)
- polymer with high modulus of elasticity
- strain-free carbon fibre tension cords
- nylon running side
- profile optimised for bicycles


Gates Carbon Drive System
The main advantages of the Gates Carbon Drive system are cleanliness, smoothness and robustness. Urban commuters as well as mountain bikers, E-bike users or leisure riders benefit from the high mileage. Oil-stained or rusty chains are a thing of the past.
Clean: No lubricant means no accumulation of grease and dirt.
Smooth and silent operation: no metal-to-metal contact of the chains.
Light: The whole system weighs less than a standard bicycle chain.
No elongation: Belt does not need to be re-tensioned or replaced.
Self-cleaning: CenterTrack and MudPort profiles are specially designed to repel mud, dirt, snow or other contaminants.
Consistent efficiency: The drive boasts a long service life compared to that of a conventional chain, where efficiency is significantly reduced by wear or dirt.
Installing a Gates Carbon Drive Belt Drive requires a specially-made frame, therefore we strongly advise against using one to modify a conventional framework.

Belt tension
For optimal function of the Gates Carbon Drive System, correct belt tension is essential. Common tension adjustment systems include inclined or vertical dropouts, horizontally sliding dropouts (not recommended by Gates) and eccentric bottom brackets.
There are several common methods to measure the tension of your Carbon Drive system, most notably the Eco Tension Tester, the Spring Tension Tester and the Gates Carbon Drive Smartphone App. Gates Carbon Drive tension recommendations are as follows:
- Off-road and urban - soft and even step style: 40-60 Hz (35-45 lbs)
- Off-road and urban - strong and hard stepping style: 60-75 Hz (45-53 lbs)
- Internally geared hubs: 35-50 Hz (28-40 lbs)
- Tandem: 60-65 Hz (45-48 lbs)
- Shimano STEPS: 35-45 Hz (28-35 lbs)

To calculate the correct belt length, the Gates Carbon Drive Belt Calculator is available on the Gates Carbon Drive homepage.


1221 mm:
Teeth: 111
Manufacturer Number: 11M-111T-12CT CDN

1243 mm:
Teeth: 113
Manufacturer Number: 11M-113T-12CT CDN

1265 mm:
Teeth: 115
Manufacturer Number: 11M-115T-12CT CDN

1298 mm:
Teeth: 118
Manufacturer Number: 11M-118T-12CT CDN

1320 mm:
Teeth: 120
Manufacturer Number: 11M-120T-12CT CDN

1342 mm:
Teeth: 122
Manufacturer Number: 11M-122T-12CT CDN


- 1 x Gates CDN Belt


  • black/1221 mm, out of stock
  • black/1243 mm, out of stock
  • black/1265 mm, out of stock
  • black/1298 mm, in stock
  • black/1320 mm, out of stock
  • black/1342 mm, out of stock

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