Jagwire Road Pro Brake Cable Set

Item number: 56903
Road Pro Brake Cable Set - white/universal
Road Pro Brake Cable Set - white/universal
Road Pro Brake Cable Set - stealth black/universal
Road Pro Brake Cable Set - orange/universal
Road Pro Brake Cable Set - black/universal
Road Pro Brake Cable Set - SID blue/universal
Road Pro Brake Cable Set - ice gray/universal
Road Pro Brake Cable Set - red/universal
Road Pro Brake Cable Set - Bianchi celeste/universal
Road Pro Brake Cable Set - organic green/universal
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Less friction, more braking power: the Road Pro brake cable set by Jagwire

The Road Pro Brake cable sets convince with an outstanding plus in terms of weight, performance and appearance: Together with the Slick-Lube liner, the polished Pro Level cables stand for optimal friction reduction. At the same time, the compression-free and Kevlar-reinforced brake cable housings ensure direct and powerful braking behaviour. Since the scope of delivery includes all necessary parts, the Road Pro cable sets are also very easy to install. Due to the design of the brake cable housing, the contact point is noticeably improved.


Application: Road
Cable Diameter: 1.5 mm
Cable Length: 1500 mm, 2800 mm
Cable Housing Diameter: 5 mm
Cable Housing Length: 3000 mm

Technical Information:

Shifter Cable Material: stainless steel
Cable Housing Material: plastic, kevlar, steel
Liner: Slick-Lube


- Shimano/SRAM Road brakes


- Kevlar-reinforced brake cable housingss (KEB-SL) with steel strands for more direct brake response
- polished Pro Level cables made of STS-PS Pro stainless steel in combination with Slick-Lube liners and Kevlar-reinforced housings noticeably improve braking performance
- colour options from classic to extraordinary


Level 3 - Pro
The Pro level is the third and second highest of Jagwire's four performance levels. It stands for high-performance components that offer significantly better performance compared to conventional products.

Colour Index:

Bianchi celeste: light blue

Manufacturer Numbers:

black: PCK200
stealth black: PCK209
white: PCK203
ice grey: PCK201
red: PCK204
Bianchi celeste: PCK208
SID blue: PCK205
organic green: PCK202
yellow: PCK207
orange: PCK206


The Jagwire Road Pro brake cable set includes:
- 1 x Jagwire STS-PS Pro brake cable, 1500 mm (front)
- 1 x Jagwire STS-PS Pro brake cable, 2800 mm (rear)
- 1 x Jagwire KEB-SL 3000 mm brake cable housing, incl. Jagwire Slick-Lube liner
- 2 x Jagwire open end caps
- 2 x Jagwire Lined end caps
- 2 x Jagwire POP end caps
- 6 x Jagwire cable donuts
- 2 x Jagwire 5G tube top
- 2 x ferrules
- 2 x Jagwire EZ-Bend connectors (flexible)


  • Bianchi celeste/universal, in stock
  • black/universal, in stock
  • ice gray/universal, in stock
  • orange/universal, in stock
  • organic green/universal, in stock
  • red/universal, in stock
  • SID blue/universal, in stock
  • stealth black/universal, in stock
  • white/universal, in stock
  • yellow/universal, in stock

Customer Reviews (6)


Customer Reviews (6)


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by Bonifác H.  on 15.06.2018
verified purchase
8 of 8 customers found this review helpful.

This kit completely changed the feel of my TRP Spyre brakes.

I was using regular, non compressionless Shimano SLR brake housing with "PTFE coated" inner cables.

What bothered me is that I couldn't feel the "bite point" of the brakes. I pulled the levers, I could feel increasing resistance, but if I really wanted I could just pull the levers to the bars.

With this compressionless housing there is none of that. I can feel a very solid stop point where the pads contact the rotor. It just feels better and I can modulate the brakes better.

These cables make the brakes feel very smooth too, with the Shimano housing as I pulled the levers the action felt a bit "notchy", not smooth.

The 3m (+EZ bends) was more than enough for a size 56 road frame and very generous bends, I think I have about half a meter still left.

The kit is pricey but it's well worth the money in my opinion. I don't think i'll use regular housing ever again.

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