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Brake and shifter cables and housings are Jagwire’s specialty. For smooth shifting and braking, choosing a set from Jagwire is always a good idea. Jagwire invites you to take your bike beyond the ordinary in a blaze of light, colour and texture with their family of integrated control system products. From a rainbow of cable housings and brake pads to stylish shifter mounts, Jagwire helps you transform your ride into a rolling gallery of self-expression. They have brake and shifting cable sets for all types of systems as well as hydraulic hoses for disc brakes. Check out the following products to find out what you and your bike deserve.
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About Jagwire

For more than 20 years, Jagwire has pioneered new territory in manufacturing high performance control systems. As an ISO 9001/TS-16949 company, they have an unyielding commitment to quality, constantly testing, stressing and abusing their brake pads, housings and cables under extreme conditions. Their goal is to provide high-quality products with consistent performance.

The company is committed to creating a cleaner, healthier world by adopting the best environmental practices of leading government agencies. Jagwire housings meet all international regulations for performance, safety, chemical, and material content.