3min19sec BTK-2 Bicycle Tool Box - black-grey/universal

3min19sec BTK-2 Bicycle Tool Box

Item number: 77517

The BTK-2 bicycle tool box by 3min19sec is your entry into working on your bike

The 3min19sec BTK-2 bicycle tool box is a well thought out collection of the most important tools for the bike, which should not be missing in any hobby or professional workshop.
This tool box contains everything you need to do the most common maintenance on your bike yourself: it includes things like a chain whip, lockring took, hex tools, Torx wrenches, chainring bolt wrench, chain tool, and tools to change out your drivetrain yourself.
Crank puller and bottom bracket tool are included for replacing cartridge bearings. The key for external bearing cups fits all current Hollowtech II, GXP and Campagnolo bearings. Thanks to the opening in the key, bearings can be re-tightened without dismantling the crank. Suitable adapters for Shimano SM-BB9000 BB93 and SM-BBR60 are included. Even wheels can be re-tightened with the spoke wrench, or the tapered bearings can be readjusted. Of course, all tools for simple assembly work are also included, such as replacing fixtures or adjusting the rear derailleur. Suitable valve keys to replace valve cores on Auto-/AV-/Schrader and Sclaverand-/SV-/Presta valves are included. The solid tyre levers allow you to replace even stubborn tyres and the self-adhesive patches gets you back on your bike quickly after a flat tyre.
BTK-2 is really a worry-free tool box for you and your bike workshop!

Technical Information:

Tool Box Dimensions:
33 x 25 x 7 cm
ca. 40


  • generously equipped tool box
  • all necessary tools for the most common repairs on the bicycle
  • for the hobby or professional workshop


Chain / cassette:
  • chain tool
  • chain whip
  • cassette removal tool for quick release and thru-axle, also suitable for Center Lock brake rotors on quick release hubs

Crank / bottom bracket:
  • wrench for Hollowtech II crank bolts
  • bottom bracket removal tool
  • bottom bracket wrench, also suitable for Center - Lock brake rotors on thru-axle hubs
  • Shimano SM-BBR60 adapter
  • Shimano SM-BB9000 BB93 adapter
  • crank puller
  • chainring bolt wrench

Tyre / wheel:
  • tyre levers (pair)
  • patch kit
  • valve key AV and SV
  • spoke wrench for 3.2 mm (0.127" ) nipples
  • spoke wrench for 3.3 mm (0.130" ) nipples
  • spoke wrench for 3.4 mm (0.136" ) nipples

Pedal / hub:
  • Pedal Wrench
  • Cone Wrench 13 mm
  • Cone Wrench 14 mm
  • Cone Wrench 15 mm
  • Cone Wrench 16 mm

  • Screwdriver with interchangeable blade: Flat 5 mm / Phillips
  • Screwdriver 3 mm

  • 2 mm hex
  • 2.5 mm hex
  • 3 mm hex
  • 4 mm hex
  • 5 mm hex
  • 6 mm hex
  • 8 mm hex

  • Torx T10
  • Torx T15
  • Torx T20
  • Torx T25
  • Torx T27
  • Torx T30
  • Torx T40
  • Torx T45
  • Torx T50


  • 1 x 3min19sec BTK-2 tool box with tools

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  • black-grey/universal, in stock

Customer Reviews (7)


Customer Reviews (7)


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by ILIA M. on 27.06.2022
verified purchase
item: black-grey/universal

Everything needed in one box. Wrenches are made by stamped sheet metal, so not so convenient to work with.

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