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A myth lives on: the Mythos 3.0 L.E. Helmet by Alpina

It's not without reason that the Mythos is Alpina's best-selling bike helmet. Its fit is indisputably perfect and its look always contemporary, especially with the matt finish of the L.E. version. That's exactly why it's getting a facelift in 2017 without losing its origin DNA and fit. Its air vents get a modern shape and its rear is pulled a little lower. Despite this extended head coverage, it is lighter than ever. The integrated nets on the front protect against flies and other insects.


All Mountain
Air Circulation Vents:


Proven hundreds of thousands of times and used in all Alpina bicycle helmets: Alpina's well-known belt buckle with red push button and multi-stage automatic snap-in mechanism. Ergomatic can be operated with one hand - uphill the strap can be loosened, downhill it can be tightened - and in the event of a fall it cannot open itself.

Run System Ergo Pro:
The top model of the new Alpina adjustment systems for the back of the head has two large " headrests" to the left and right of the central, newly-designed turn dial. Both these two wing-shaped pads and the adjusting wheel itself are made of a two-component mix of plastic and rubber. Since 2014 the Run System Ergo Pro is available in colours matching the helmet.

Custom-Fit System:
Different head shapes require a flexible adjustment system. In combination with the Run System, Custom Fit ensures a non-slip fit. The neckband at the back of the head can be tilted in several stages and gently embraces the headband without creating pressure.

A helmet can only protect well as long as it remains in the optimal position during an impact. The fixation of the two straps under the ear plays a decisive role. The Alpina Y-Clip system guarantees millimetre-accurate adjustment - in a matter of seconds.

The inner shell of every Alpina helmet is made of Hi-EPS (" High Expanded Polystyrene" ). It consists of microscopically small air chambers which optimally absorb the forces acting in the event of an impact. Hi-EPS ensures extra-thin wall thicknesses and narrow helmet shapes in spite of optimum protection.

Edge Protect:
Edge Protect is a processing technique that ensures that In-Mold helmets have no sharp edges. This reduces the risk of injury in two ways: On the one hand, the hands are spared when handling the helmet, on the other hand, the neck and shoulder area is protected from scratches in the event of a collision with the lower edge of the helmet.

Ceramic Shell:
All Alpina In-Mold helmets are fitted with this break-resistant and scratch-resistant polycarbonate shell. The blank is stretched under strong heat onto the shape of the later helmet and pressed with high pressure onto its Hi-EPS body. The material is characterised by several qualities at the same time: it is break-resistant, scratch-resistant, UV-stable and antistatic.

In-Mold Tec:
In the In-Mold production process, the polycarbonate helmet shell is " baked" with the EPS granulate of the helmet body under great heat and pressure. This creates a large and inseparable connection between the upper and lower shell. Advantage: The helmet is very light and at the same time extremely stable.

Shield Protect:
The removable shield protects the face both from dirt and direct sunlight.

Airflow Venting:
Alpina developers spend a lot of time and energy on improving the ventilation of their bike helmets. Through the wind tunnel-tested arrangement of the vents, Alpina's engineers create a " Venturi" effect inside the helmet that cools the head, results in less sweat and higher performance.

Fly Net:
The front ventilation openings of the helmet are provided with a net fabric. This has the same function as an insect screen and prevents insect bites on the scalp in hot and humid riding periods and places.

Antibacterial Interior:
The padding guards against the formation of germs and odours when sweating. The helmet pads are climatologically-tested and are extra gentle on skin. They can be easily removed and washed at a maximum temperature of 40° C.

Size Guide:

  • 52 - 57 cm = S/M
  • 57 - 62 cm = L/XL

Manufacturer Number:



  • 1 x Alpina Mythos 3.0 L.E. helmet


  • black matte/59 - 64 cm, in stock

Customer Reviews (3)


Customer Reviews (3)


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by Hubert P.  on 12.07.2022
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Super, Passform und Durchlüftung topp.

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by Petra N.  on 31.12.2020
verified purchase

Bin sehr zufrieden.

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by Michael M.  on 04.10.2020
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Der Helm ist sehr leicht und angenehm zu tragen. Die Belüftung ist auch gut. Die Größenangabe hat zu dem von mir gemessenen Kopfumfang gepasst.

Ich bin zufrieden :)

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