FollowMe Tandem Hitch - silver/universal

FollowMe Tandem Hitch

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The FollowMe Tandem Hitch - Ride or Tow

The FollowMe tandem hitch turns parent and child's bike into a smart team. You can easily attach your child's bike to your own bike and fix it with a thumbscrew. This way you can manoeuvre both of you safely through tricky spots in traffic. On a free track, you can let your offspring ride free again with just a flick of the wrist. So that the tandem hitch does not get in the way when there is no child in tow, you can simply fold it up with the suspension strap and attach it to the saddle or pannier rack. When your child has had a good romp and perhaps become tired, you simply hitch the bike back up to you and you are on the road again as a team. If you are accompanied by two children, you can also equip the second bike with an additional attachment set and the children can take turns being pulled by you. If your rear wheel does not have a quick release, you can easily convert the tandem coupling with a thru-axle adapter or a adapter for internally geared hubs. There is also a practical solution for towing bicycles with a solid axle and wheel nuts with mounting adapter. The mudguard protects your child from dust, stones, mud and water thrown up from your rear wheel. If the child's bike does not fit into the hitch, the adapter for axle extension will help. Basically, it is compatible with almost all common adult and children's bikes. The FollowMe tandem hitch is approved for road use and ensures riding fun and safety across the line.

Technical Information:

stable steel frame construction
System Weight:
4 kg
Towing Capacity:
up to 45 kg
Towing Bicycle:
for all 26" to 29" (max. 2.60 tyres) with and without rear suspension (full suspension) with quick release wheel mounting. Bikes with solid axle or internally geared hubs can be prepared with optionally available adapters
child seats, racks and panniers remain useable


  • suitable for all common sizes from 12 to 20 inches wheels (from about 3 to 9 years of age)

Manufacturer Number:



  • 1 x FollowMe Tandem hitch
  • 1 x FollowMe 150 mm quick release
  • 1 x FollowMe axle extension nut set 5/16 x 26G, 3/8 x 26G
  • 1 x FollowMe mudguard

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  • silver/universal: 4 kg
  • 100 day return period
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  • silver/universal, in stock

Customer Reviews (17)


Customer Reviews (17)


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by Kevin C. on 20.04.2021
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I’ve been meaning to write a review for this product for years. The follow-me tandem is a first class piece of equipment that allows the rider to cycle with young kids in a safe manner.

I have used this with both my sons on both 12 and 16” wheels. One of the best features is that you can allow the child to ride independently until they get tired or you encounter difficult terrain or traffic at which point you connect them to your own bicycle and tow them. I use this on my gravel bike.

The ease of use is excellent. In a matter of two minutes, I can swing down the tandem and attach the bicycle. It hangs quite easily from the seat stays and doesn’t bob around. Once attached, the tandem is very stable and there is absolutely no play at all. The center of gravity is low which makes for a stable connection and ride.

The build quality is excellent. I have used the tandem approximately 50 times over the past 3 years and not a single bolt has loosened, none o the cables are broken, and the bearings are smooth. The welds seem very good and the engineering seems very high.

Overall, this little machine allows me to go on long gravel trips with my 4-6 year olds, I can also bike pack with it, so panniers are easily attached and the tandem does not get in the way. It rolls well over slightly bumpy terrain on gravel paths and roots single track, but it should be taken slowly in these conditions so as to not buck the little passenger. I could go on talking about the merits of this thing, so if you’re on the fence then just buy it.

I had previously not seen anyone with one of these nor have I seen anyone with one since. I get lots of favorable comments and have shared my experience with many. This tandem will allow you to keep riding hard and for long distances and your kids will be smiling. Do yourself a favor and push buy now :)

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by Askar B. on 14.04.2019
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item: silver/universal

I used it twice and can say it's a great thing. Strong connection with parent bycycle, even if you're crossing spets or curb or some bumps, the front wheel of child's bike can easely tuch the surface and ride through the barier.

The only one complain - it's steel, so, it's heavy, if you ride with a baby chair on rear wheal and with Followme Tandem, it can be not so easy, I wish to have it lighter, but, anyway, it's really good device!

And, if you have an earlyrider bike (kids bike), you need different adjustment bolts, you have to buy it separatly.

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by cedric B. on 12.01.2019
verified purchase
item: silver/universal

Le meilleur moyen de tracter un enfant en toute sécurité. Je l'utilise sur mon VTT tout suspendu.
L'étoile en moins vient du fait que le serrage rapide a cassé à la première utilisation. Dommage de mettre un si mauvais système de serrage sur un si bon produit.
Je tiens à féliciter l'équipe de Bike-Component pour sa réactivité et son professionnalisme.
A très bientôt pour de future commande

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