The FollowMe bike hitch - the innovative parent-child tandem hitch allows you to slowly and safely introduce your child to road traffic on a bike. The tandem bar is also a great solution for towing your child's bike on longer tours or more strenuous passages. In our FollowMe store you will find the popular bike hitch as well as a wide range of accessories and spare parts that will make your future bike tours unforgettable!

FollowMe - The Perfect Solution for Family Bike Tours

With the FollowMe tandem hitch, you can start cycling tours with your kids with a whole new level of flexibility. Your child may be able to hold their own on the bike at times, but if a tour becomes too strenuous or if there are unforeseen traffic situations ahead, you can hitch your child's bike to your own bike in no time and without tools. This makes it easy to enjoy cycling without neglecting safety or letting exhaustion detract from your fun.

The FollowMe Tandem Hitch - Behind the Development Process

The innovative bicycle hitch was developed by amateur triathlete Thomas Weiss. Using his own children as test pilots, he constructed the first prototypes in 2001, which were immediately met with great demand. Since then, a flourishing family business has developed around the family man from Switzerland, which is working on further developing the tandem hitch and making it even safer. You too can benefit from more flexibility, intuitive handling and happy kids on future outings.