Kryptonite KryptoFlex® Looped Cable

Item number: 19643
KryptoFlex® Looped Cable - silver/220 cm
KryptoFlex® Looped Cable - silver/900 cm
KryptoFlex® Looped Cable - silver/213 cm
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Expands your U-lock: the KryptoFlex® Looped Cable from Kryptonite

The Kryptonite KryptoFlex® Looped Cable is a very flexible, polymer-coated safety cable. In combination with a U-lock, the cable serves as an ideal extra safety measure for helmets, seatposts, front wheels, trailers, etc.

Size Guide:

76 cm
- Cable Length: 76 cm
- cable thickness: 5 mm
- Manufacturer Number: 210719

120 cm
- Cable Length: 120 cm
- cable thickness: 10 mm
- Manufacturer Number: 210818

213 cm
- Cable Length: 213 cm
- cable thickness: 10 mm
- Manufacturer Number: 210610

930 cm
- Cable Length: 930 cm
- cable thickness: 10 mm
- Manufacturer Number: 830504


- 1 x Kryptonite Looped Cable


  • silver/120 cm: 320 g
  • silver/213 cm: 520 g
  • silver/76 cm: 70 g
  • silver/930 cm: 1,84 kg


  • silver/120 cm, out of stock
  • silver/213 cm, in stock
  • silver/76 cm, in stock
  • silver/930 cm, out of stock

Customer Reviews (11)


Customer Reviews (11)


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by Askar B.  on 03.03.2019
verified purchase

It’s good. 1 meter length, enough in most cases to secure the seddle and one of the wheel.

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by Sami L.  on 18.08.2018 (modified on 18.08.2018)
verified purchase

A nice addition for my Kryptonite Evolution LITE Mini-6 U-lock. Nothing to complain. I bought the 120cm version and maybe the longer version would be more versatile, but with this I can secure my front tire also to the frame.

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by Marek K.  on 17.06.2014
verified purchase

I use it for securing my front wheel when I lock my bike in a not so trusted area. So far the front wheel hasn't been stolen. The 10mm loop is unfortunately way too thick to lock my saddle, so if you want to do that, maybe the 5mm version will be for you.

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by Toni L.  on 03.12.2012
verified purchase

I bought the model which is 120 cm. This length is suitable for most situations. If you want absolute control or multiple bikes locked at the same time buy the longer cable. The picture of the product seems to be old. The build quality is better in my opinion than it is in the picture.

I recommend this for you to get your bike a bit harder to steal.

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