Kryptonite KryptoLok® 2 Integrated Chain Lock

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KryptoLok® 2 Integrated Chain Lock - black-grey-white/95 cm
KryptoLok® 2 Integrated Chain Lock - black-grey-white/95 cm
KryptoLok® 2 Integrated Chain Lock - black-grey-white/95 cm
KryptoLok® 2 Integrated Chain Lock - black-grey-white/95 cm
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The innovative security system: the Kryptolok® Series 2 Integrated Chain Lock by Kryptonite®

The new " Integrated Chains" from Kryptonite® take an innovative approach: the chain and its links are directly connected to the lock cylinder and are no longer an external part. The advantage: The " Integrated Chains" offer even fewer targets for thieves and protect your bike even more reliably.

Technical Information:

Design: steel chain with cylinder
Chain Material: 3t manganese steel
Chain Link Thickness: 9 mm
Chain Length: 55 cm (mini), 95 cm (normal)
Weight: 1.77 kg (55 cm), 2.52 kg (95 cm)
Security Rating: 6 (out of 10)

Features - Chain:

- 9 mm thick square chain links made of extra-hard 3t manganese steel
- weatherproof nylon cover protects the bike from scratches and allows compact folding of the chain

Features - Kryptolok® 2 Cylinder:

- reinforced high security disc style cylinder, resistant to picking and drilling
- patent-pending Kryptolok® Series 2 lock head with " Talon" bolt
- hardened lock head, offers additional security against leverage attacks
- New, patent-pending closure technology. Functions without a separate closure button, creating no weak point. The last chain link forms the closure, and thus the strong finish

More Features:

- Key Safe Program: spare keys can be ordered for registered locks.

Security Level:

The Kryptonite Security Level compares all Kryptonite products on a scale of 1 to 10. While Level 1 serves as a deterrent, Level 10 offers the highest possible safety for extremely dangerous areas. So you can choose exactly the right lock for your needs.

ATPO (Anti Theft Protection Offer)

ATPO (Anti Theft Protection Offer) is an optional theft protection offer from Kryptonite.
It is not a bicycle insurance, and no contract with an insurance company needs to be signed.
In order to benefit from the advantages of the program, register at Kryptonite website. Here you will also find the exact terms and conditions of the contract as well as a list of registration fees and coverage amounts for the various locks.

Manufacturer Numbers:

55 cm: 000822
95 cm: 000839


- 1x Kryptonite Kryptolok® Series 2 Integrated chain lock
- 2 x Kryptonite " i" -Key made of robust stainless steel


  • black-grey-white/55 cm: 1,77 kg
  • black-grey-white/95 cm: 2,52 kg


  • black-grey-white/55 cm, in stock
  • black-grey-white/95 cm, in stock

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Customer Reviews (1)


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