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If you are looking for suspension forks, rear shocks or dropper posts than RockShox is exactly what you're looking for. Because those who put value on diverse adjustment options when it comes to suspension, know that RockShox damper and suspension systems are the first choice. RockShox suspension forks are outfitted with the proved DebonAir technology. Another highlight is the 1x remotes for the Reverb dropper posts. Due to the 1x drivetrain trend, the left side of the cockpit is the perfect place to control dropper posts.

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RockShox - Optimal Suspension for Your Bike 

RockShox was founded in 1989 in North Carolina by Paul Turner and Steve Simons. They were both previously motocross riders and they paved the way for professional suspension fork development and production because, with their RS1, they were the first brand to ever produce suspension forks for bicycles! Since then, this quality brand has a high reputation when it comes to suspension forks, rear shock / dampers and dropper posts. Every Downhill, Enduro or All Mountain rider knows their name. Moreover, RockShox went in a new direction when they hired Downhill champion Greg Herbold aka “H-Ball” as a test rider. Since 2002, the top brand has belonged to SRAM and has been able to increase their prominence in the MTB world. 

RockShox Suspension Forks & Dampers Offer Diverse Possibilities

As the leading specialists of suspension forks and rear shocks, they are most known for the versatile, individual adjustment options and their long-lived technical pioneering. Whether you decided to purchase a dropper post, suspension fork or a new rear shock, you will no longer want to miss out on the RockShox riding comfort ever again. With optimal ground contact and top quality damping characteristics, your next descents will have you feeling like a professional rider! 

From the RS1 to the Boxxer all the way to the Pike & Lyrik - RoxShox’s Development

Since their founding, RockShox has always played a role in the development of Mountain bike suspension forks. After huge success with the RS1, the Boxxer suspension fork is the most well-known model. Since 1998, it has been on the market in various forms and is still being further developed today while being used by renowned world-class riders. Other models like the Pike, which is ridden in the Enduro scene, and the Lyrik or Yari are also offered. With such a diverse assortment you will also find exactly what you need! If you any questions, you can contact our friendly service team and they can give you advice about RockShox suspension forks rear shocks and dropper posts!