Mavic Pawls for FTS-L ED10 / M10 / ED11 / HG11 Freehub Bodies

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Spare pawls for FTS-L ED10 / M10 / ED11 / HG11 freehub bodies by Mavic.

Compatibility by Model Year:

2002: Ksyrium Elite, Ksyrium SL SSC, Comete
2003: Crossmax SL, Crossmax SL Disc, Crossmax XL, Crossmax XL Disc, Deemax UST
2004: Cosmos, Ksyrium Equipe, Ksyrium Elite 650, Ksyrium SSC SL, Ksyrium SSC SL Tour de France, Crossland, Crossmax Enduro, Crossmax Enduro Disc, Crossmax SL Disc Lefty
2005: Cosmic Elite, Cosmic Carbone SL, Ksyrium Elite, Speedcity, Crossmax SL Disc, Crossmax Enduro Disc, Crossland, Deemax UST
2006: Aksium, Ksyrium Equipe, Ksyrium Elite 700, Ksyrium SL, Ksyrium ES, Cosmic Carbone Pro
2007: Ksyrium Elite, Cosmic Carbone SL Premium
2008: Aksium, Ksyrium Equipe, Ksyrium SL, Ksyrium SL Premium, R-Sys, Cosmic Carbone Ultimate
2009: Cosmic Carbone SL, Cosmic Carbone SLR, Ksyrium Elite, R-Sys Premium
2010: R-Sys SL, R-Sys Red, K10, Ksyrium SL Black, Aksium
2011: Cosmic Carbone Ultimate, Cosmic Carbone 80, Cosmic Carbone SLR, Cosmic Carbone SR, Cosmic Carbone SL, Cosmic Elite, R-Sys SLR, Ksyrium SR, Ksyrium SL, Ksyrium Elite, Ksyrium Equipe
2012: Cosmic Carbone SLE, R-Sys, Ksyrium SLR, Ksyrium SR, Aksium
2013: Comete Road, Cosmic CXR 80, Cosmic Carbone 80, Cosmic Carbone SLE, R-SYS SLR, R-SYS, Ksyrium SLR, Ksyrium SLS, Ksyrium Elite S
2014: Cosmic Carbone Ultimate, Cosmic Carbone 40, Cosmic Carbone SLS, Cosmic Elite S, Aksium S
2015: Aksium Elite, Cosmic Carbone 40 Elite, Ksyrium 125, Ksyrium Pro Disc, Ksyrium SLE, Ksyrium SLR, R-Sys SLR
2016: R-Sys SLR, Cosmic Carbone 40 C, Cosmic Carbone 40 Elite, Cosmic Elite, Cosmic Pro Carbon (Exalith), Cosmic Ultimate, Ksyrium, Ksyrium Elite, Ksyrium Pro (Disc), Ksyrium Pro Exalith (SL), Ksyrium Pro SL, Aksium, Aksium Elite, CXR Ultimate 60 C/T, CXR Ultimate 80 T
2017: Cosmic Ultimate, Ksyrium Pro Exalith, Aksium Elite, Ksyrium
2018: Cosmic Elite UST, Ksyrium Elite UST
2019: Aksium, Aksium Elite UST, Cosmic Pro Carbon UST (TDF), Cosmic Ultimate T (TDF), Ksyrium UST
2020: Aksium Elite UST, Comete Pro Carbon UST, Cosmic Elite UST, Ksyrium Elite UST, Ksyrium UST

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- 2 x Mavic FTS-L pawls
- 4 x springs


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  • universal/universal

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Sperrklinken,passen perfekt,bin froh sie bei meinem Lieblings Shop so leicht gefunden zu haben und so einen teueren Freilauf gespart zu haben,kann eigentlich nur den guten Shop bewerten,Sperrklinken sind Sperrklinken.
Gruß H.

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