Nicolai G1-29 29" Frame

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Nicolai G1-29 29" Frame - colour of choice/M
Nicolai G1-29 29" Frame - colour of choice/M
Nicolai G1-29 29" Frame - colour of choice/M
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Unmatched and unrivalled driving performance: the G1-29 frame from Nicolai

A year of work and countless tests and optimisations have gone into the Nicolai G1 frame, which has been completely redesigned and modularly constructed. One of its main draws is that it can be used with 27.5- and 29-inch wheels equally, for which an adjustment in the headset and different screw-in elements are available. (Here, mutators for 29" are pre-installed.) The G1-29 has round tubes made of high-strength 7020 aluminium, giving it a clean look. The lower top tube combined with the thick downtube gives it an aggressive appearance as well as more leg clearance. Thanks to GEOLUTION geometry, Nicolai reaches higher safety, traction and speed in all situations. At the same time, the chassis enters a new dimension with the EXT rear shock.


Application: Trail, All Mountain, Enduro, Downhill
Wheel Size: 29"
Travel: 162 mm, 175 mm
Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Front Triangle Material: aluminium (7020-T6)
Rear Triangle Material: aluminium (7020-T6)
Linkage Design: Horst link

Technical Information:

Rear Over Locknut Dimension: 148 mm (Boost)
Axle Type: 12 mm thru-axle
Seatpost (Ø): 30.9 mm
Seatpost Clamp(Ø): 34.9 mm
Headset: ZS44/28.6 - ZS56/40
Steerer tube rec.: 1 1/8" - 1.5" tapered
Recommended Fork Axle to Crown: 567 mm
Recommended Fork Travel: 150 - 170 mm
Bottom Bracket Standard: BSA
Shell Width: 73 mm
Brake Mount: disc PM7 (direct mount 180 mm)
Rear Shock Eye-to-Eye Measurement: 230 mm
Rear Shock Travel: 65 mm
Rear Shock Bushing Width: 20 x 8 mm (front and rear)
Bottle Cage Mounts: none

Approved For:

Rotor Size (max.): 203 mm (rear)
Tyre Size (max.): 29 x 2.5"
Chainrings: 1-speed
Fork Axle to Crown Size (max.): 592 mm


- mutator for 29" pre-installed, but frame can also be driven with 27.5" wheels (special headset required)
- vertical travel adjustable between 162 mm (upper position in the bell crank) and 175 mm (lower position in the bell crank)
- innovative chassis design
- sophisticated geometry
- internal cable guide for seat post
- for 40 mm maximum fork stanchion tube
- 100 % Handmade in Germany


EXT Shock
The Nicolai G1 and its chassis are the result of a collaboration between the manufacturer Nicolai and two other European specialists, EXTREME Racing Shox and GeoMetron Bikes. The two companies have been working together behind the scenes for over a year to develop a completely customised shock absorber and suspension system for the Nicolai G1. Thanks to the longer installation space compared to the stroke (230x65) of the " metric" rear shock, there is now room for several novel technologies that help enable the finest-tuned response, a dynamic riding experience and unparalleled feedback when dealing with heavy loads and punches. In addition, spherical plain bearings at the mounting holes of the damper (as in many other off-road suspension applications) reduce friction and lateral load on the rear shocks, improving impulse behaviour and grip in all situations. An internal negative travel and a hydraulic top-out system not only enable an important soft response, but also offer very dynamic rebound damping. A hydraulic bottom-out system absorbs a large part of the excess impact energy that is normally transferred to the bicycle during punches and consequently back to the rider.
With carefully thought-out gear ratios and damping rates, the Nicolai can accommodate riders of all weights without compromise. A medium-sized rider (85 kg) on a medium G1 will use a 375-425 spring depending on the configuration and an XXL rider of 125 kg will use between 550 and 600 lbs/inch spring rate.

GEOLUTION is the geometric concept on which all current Nicolai models are based. In the last 3 years GEOLUTION was developed by Nicolai and Chris Porter. The concept is based on the knowledge that a longer wheelbase, a flatter steering angle and a steeper seat angle make the bike faster, smoother, safer and more ready to climb. The GEOLUTION concept combines perfect handling with optimal climbing behaviour.
The rider is integrated into the bike by the long reach, the steep seat angle and the long wheelbase, so that the centre of gravity is optimally located between the front and rear wheel axle. All GEOMETRON models are ridden with short stems so that the driver has a relaxed, sporty seated position despite the long top tube. This complicated subject can be simplified to 4 advantages, which offer both professionals and beginners a clear added value: best climbing ability (front does not climb), no roll-over feeling downhill, the rider sits and stands integrated in the wheel (more control), higher cornering speed (more grip on the front wheel).

Pressure strut mutator
Nicolai can fine-tune the bottom bracket height and the steering head angle with the help of the pressure strut mutator. Mutators are available in the lengths 3.5, 6.5, 10, 12 and 15 mm. This technology enables Nicolai to realise different strut lengths. The added value can be explained as thus: it is possible to mount different wheel sizes on a single G1 frame. It is also possible to realise different rear triangle lengths on different frame sizes. In this way, the advantages of the GEOLUTION technology come into full effect. The compression strut mutators are installed at the factory in the correct length depending on both frame size and wheel size. Modifications should only be made by a specialist.

Swingarm Mutator
The swingarm mutator is a new component developed by Nicolai on the rear swingarm, and combines many functions in a single component. Mutators are also available in different lengths (33, 41 and 47 mm). By replacing a mutator, the length of the swingarm can " grow" with the frame height according to the GEOLUTION concept. The inner and outer mutator shell is connected to the swing arm by a wedge-shaped rectangular structure, thus totally preventing twisting or play. Mutator components act simultaneously as both seal carrier and bearing axle. This minimizes the number of components and thus the number of component error.

7020-T6 aluminium
Not all aluminium is the same! Nicolai only uses a 7020-T6 (AlZn4.5Mg1) alloy for frames. Compared to 6061-T6 aluminium, this grade offers much better strength. The tensile strength of 7020 compared to 6061 aluminium is about one-third higher. The elastic limit is about one-fifth higher. These characteristics, combined with high-quality welding, result in a bicycle frame that is far superior in terms of durability. Compared to carbon, aluminium is much tougher, so that hitting, falling or stone chipping does not damage the structure.

Geometry (Based on an Axle to Crown of 567 mm):

Recommended Height: 164 cm - 172 cm
Stack: 615 mm
Reach: 470 mm
Seat Tube Length: 415 mm
Top Tube Length: 600 mm
Head Tube Length: 110 mm
Chainstay Length: 446 mm
Wheelbase: 1271 mm
BB Drop: 32 mm
Seat Tube Angle: 78°
Head Tube Angle: 62.5°
Standover Height: 728 mm
Seat tube protrusion: 40 mm

Recommended Height: 170 cm - 180 cm
Stack: 624 mm
Reach: 495 mm
Seat Tube Length: 438 mm
Top Tube Length: 622 mm
Head Tube Length: 120 mm
Chainstay Length: 446 mm
Wheelbase: 1300 mm
BB Drop: 32 mm
Seat Tube Angle: 78.5°
Head Tube Angle: 62.5°
Standover Height: 728 mm
Seat tube protrusion: 70 mm

Recommended Height: 178 cm - 190 cm
Stack: 633 mm
Reach: 515 mm
Seat Tube Length: 455 mm
Top Tube Length: 642 mm
Head Tube Length: 130 mm
Chainstay Length: 453 mm
Wheelbase: 1324 mm
BB Drop: 32 mm
Seat Tube Angle: 78.75°
Head Tube Angle: 62.5°
Standover Height: 728 mm
Seat tube protrusion: 85 mm

Recommended Height: 188 cm - 200 cm
Stack: 642 mm
Reach: 535 mm
Seat Tube Length: 475 mm
Top Tube Length: 659 mm
Head Tube Length: 140 mm
Chainstay Length: 453 mm
Wheelbase: 1347 mm
BB Drop: 32 mm
Seat Tube Angle: 79°
Head Tube Angle: 62.5°
Standover Height: 748 mm
Seat tube protrusion: 85 mm

Recommended Height: 198 cm - 205 cm
Stack: 649 mm
Reach: 555 mm
Seat Tube Length: 500 mm
Top Tube Length: 681 mm
Head Tube Length: 150 mm
Chainstay Length: 458 mm
Wheelbase: 1371 mm
BB Drop: 32 mm
Seat Tube Angle: 79°
Head Tube Angle: 62.5°
Standover Height: 770 mm
Seat tube protrusion: 85 mm


This product is a custom frame kit, the sales prices are base prices. For individual advice on the selection options of colour, frame size and details, customised variants as well as further questions about Nicolai please contact our service team.
Since every Nicolai frame is made to your specifications, it is included in the Nicolai production plan. Depending on colour, special customisations and model, production time can range anywhere between 2 to 12 weeks. You will receive more detailed information about your desired model on customisation request from our customer service team.

Manufacturer's Guarantee:

Nicolai offers a 5 year warranty on your frame from the date of purchase. You can find out more about warranty conditions here.


- 1 x Nicolai G1-29 frame
- not incl. rear shock
- incl. additional derailleur hanger


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by Thomas G.  on 17.05.2019
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Ich fahre das Bike jetzt seit etwa zwei Monaten und bin einfach nur begeistert.
Zur Verarbeitungsqualität muss man hier glaube ich nicht viel sagen, Herausragend!
Das G1 geht trotz der 160 -170mm Federwegs sehr gut Bergauf und das in einer sehr angenehmen Haltung für den Rücken. Mit meinem alten Bike (Propain Tyee) hatte ich nach langen Uphills immer Rückenschmerzen.
Sobald es Berg ab geht bekommt man das Grinsen dann nicht mehr aus dem Gesicht.
In Kombination mit dem, auf das G1 angepassten, EXT Storia Dämpfer stellt der Hinterbau alles in den Schatten was ich bis dato gefahren bin und da waren schon einige Bikes dabei. (Commencal, Rocky Mountain, YT, Propain)
Was mir beim Aufbau des Bikes besonders viel Spaß gemacht hat ist die Schrauberfreundlichkeit. Leitungen sind bis auf die Sattelstütze alle extern verlegt und sauber geführt, das Tretlager ist geschraubt und für die Aufnahme des Bremssattels gibt es austauschbare Gewindeeinsätze.
Es gibt so viele Clevere Detaillösungen an diesem Rad das man sich den Spaß es selber aufzubauen nicht entgehen lassen sollte!
Zu Nicolai selber kann man nur sagen, großartig das es noch einen Fahrrad Hersteller gibt der alles in Deutschland Entwickelt UND Fertigt.
Zu Bike-Components: Erstklassiger Service! Danke.

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