Handlebar Mounting-Set QR - black/universal

ORTLIEB Handlebar Mounting-Set QR

Item number: 90471

The ORTLIEB Handlebar Mounting-Set QR for temporary mounting

The Handlebar Mounting-Set QR by ORTLIEB is suitable for handlebar bags and baskets and is attached using a reliable cord construction. This keeps your bag securely on the handlebars even on rough ground. The mounting set is ideal if you do not want to have the holder for your handlebar bag permanently on your bike. You don't need any tools for assembly and disassembly and you don't have to make sure that you don't lose any small parts. The set includes a mounting block and cords that loop around the handlebars and stem for a secure hold.

Technical Information:


Approved For:

Load Capacity (max.):
5 kg


  • ORTLIEB handlebar bags and baskets
  • handlebar bags and baskets from other manufacturers that use the ORTLIEB system
  • handlebars up to 35 mm diameter

Note from the manufacturer:

The mounting set is not suitable for carbon handlebars.


  • Quick-Release mount for handlebar bags and baskets
  • suitable for bumpy ground
  • with reflective foil at the front in case no bag is mounted
  • made in Germany


Bar-Lock System
The ORTLIEB Bar-Lock system is mounted on the handlebars using a cord. It is attached to the handlebars in such a way that it is positioned away from the head tube and provides sufficient distance from the handlebars. Thanks to the firm fit of the cords, the system always remains stable on the handlebars without slipping. The system's mounts are crescent-shaped and fit perfectly on the handlebars. First, release the side levers and adjust the two cords to their longest length. To avoid damaging the paintwork on your handlebars and stem, clean them beforehand. It is also important to ensure that no brake cables are pinched during setup. The grey cord is now passed under the stem and hooked into the loop at the top. Then you have to pull firmly on the other end of the cord until the bag is about 30 degrees higher than in the final position you want later. Now the back of the bag must be pushed down to the desired end position. The black cord is then led from below over the stem back to the adapter and hooked in. Then pull the loop of the black cord, making sure that the lever is at about a 90 degree angle. Then push the bag down and close the lever. To release the bag from the handlebars, press the lever down with your thumb and push it forward horizontally from the hook. The grey cord is unlocked as soon as you lift the roll closure.

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  • 1 x ORTLIEB Handlebar Mounting-Set QR

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  • black/universal, in stock

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