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Duffle RS Travel Bag - olive/140 litres
Duffle RS Travel Bag - black/110 litres
Duffle RS Travel Bag - olive/110 litres
Duffle RS Travel Bag - sun yellow-black/110 litres
Duffle RS Travel Bag - sun yellow-black/110 litres
Duffle RS Travel Bag - sun yellow-black/110 litres
Duffle RS Travel Bag - sun yellow-black/110 litres
Duffle RS Travel Bag - sun yellow-black/110 litres
Duffle RS Travel Bag - sun yellow-black/110 litres
Duffle RS Travel Bag - sun yellow-black/110 litres
Duffle RS Travel Bag - black/140 litres
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More comfort while traveling: the Duffle RS travel bag by Ortlieb

Winner of the OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD 2014, the Duffle RS combines high travel comfort with the extreme demands of expedition bags. In order to meet increased demands and heavy-duty use, a waterproof roller system is integrated into the body of the bag. The 90mm casters, together with the stiffened aluminium base plate, offer optimum ground clearance - ideal for going off the beaten track. Since lightweight cargo plays an important role, especially when travelling by air, a heavy telescopic handle was deliberately omitted. Instead, a length-adjustable handle is used, which guarantees comfortable pulling with a lot of legroom. The full-surface foam padding on the back of the bag offers superior stability when fully loaded. Quick access to gear is provided via the waterproof zipper that runs the length of the bag, and can be locked using the integrated wire shackle and a small cable lock (not included).


Protection Rating: IP 67
Dimensions (HxWxD): 29 cm x 73 cm x 45 cm
Volume: 85 litres

Technical Information:

Material: polyester, PVC-coated


- waterproof, lightweight heavy-duty expedition and travel bag in three sizes with roller system
- ideal for touring, travel, expedition, individual trips
- extremely abrasion- and tear-resistant fabric
- 90 mm outdoor castors provide high ground clearance on uneven surfaces
- length-adjustable handle for comfortable pulling
- padded, removable shoulder straps (backpack function)
- foam padding on the bottom of the bag for high stability when fully loaded
- long waterproof TIZIP® zipper provides large opening for easy access
- compression strap inside for volume adjustment, with integrated valuables pocket
- mesh exterior zip pocket (not waterproof!)
- 2 daisy chains for securing and attaching extra equipment
- bag can be locked with a small padlock (not included) via wire shackle at zipper end
- volume indication in litres on the side of the bag


The TIZIP® zip closure used by Ortlieb is made up of a plastic spiral zip on stable fabric. Sealing zippers " go harder" than conventional zippers, and so must be maintained with lubricant in order to keep running smoothly. Products with TIZIP® zippers offer a perfect solution for when you require moisture and dustproof protection, but also need to be able to access items easily and quickly. Each spiral half is securely embedded and fixed in a plastic profile. When closing the zipper, the sealing lips above and below the spiral are pressed together. The ingenious design prevents the slider from rubbing against the sealing lips during both opening and closing. On top of that, the plastic profile is highly abrasion-resistant. The physics of the zipper are designed in such a way that the tightness improves when the internal pressure is increased or in general when a transverse load is applied, by pressing the sealing lips more strongly together. The zipper is extremely resistant to dirt and shows the highest level of durability and longevity even under rough conditions. It is tread-proof, highly resistant to abrasion and can tolerate short sharp bends. The zipper has an extremely high transverse tensile strength of 300 N/cm when closed.

Manufacturer's Notice:

Zip Closure:
For easy zipping and unzipping, it is necessary to keep the whole zipper, especially at the U-shaped end piece (port), lubricated. Wipe off the remains of the sliding paste with a cloth and open and close the zipper several times.

Size Guide:

85 litres
- Volume: 85 litre
- Dimensions (HxWxD): 29 cm x 73 cm x 45 cm

110 litres
- Volume: 110 litre
- Dimensions (HxWxD): 33 cm x 85 cm x 45 cm

140 litres
- Volume: 140 litre
- Dimensions (HxWxD): 36 cm x 98 cm x 45 cm

Manufacturer Part Numbers:

black/ 85 litres: K13001
black/ 110 litres: K13101
black/ 1140 litres: K13201
sunny yellow-black / 85 litres: K13002
sunny yellow-black / 110 litres: K13102
sunny yellow-black / 140 litres: K13202

Manufacturer's Guarantee:

Ortlieb gives a 5-year guarantee from the date of purchase on defects that are due to insufficient or faulty processing of the materials used. You can find out about the exact warranty conditions here.


- 1 x Ortlieb Duffle RS travel bag, incl. shoulder straps


  • black/85 litres: 2450 g
  • black/110 litres: 2600 g
  • black/140 litres: 2750 g


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  • sun yellow-black/85 litres
  • sun yellow-black/110 litres
  • sun yellow-black/140 litres
  • black/85 litres
  • black/110 litres
  • black/140 litres
  • olive/85 litres

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