MicroClick Torque Wrench - black-yellow/6-30 Nm

Proxxon MicroClick Torque Wrench

Item number: 31005

Technical Information:

Shaft Material:
1/4" , 3/8" , 1/2"
3 - 15 / 6 - 30 / 12 - 60 / 20 - 100 / 40 - 200 Nm
+/- 4 % (MC 15), +/- 3 % (MC 30, MC 60, MC 100, MC 200)
scale ring with 0.4 Nm graduation
Certification Number:
ISO 6789


  • optionally with 1/4" , 3/8" or 1/2" mount and different torque ranges
  • switch lever for clockwise and counterclockwise rotation (torque measurement only with right-hand thread in clockwise rotation)
  • sturdy steel handle with optimum rust protection (2 x nickel-plated and then matt chrome-plated)
  • calibrated and tested piece by piece
  • with permanently laser-etched serial number for identification
  • clearly legible analogue display with additional micro-scale for fine adjustment
  • preselect the torque by turning the knurled ring at the end of the handle
  • selected value is fixed by insertion
  • clearly audible and perceptible click signal when the preselected torque is reached


3 - 15 Nm:
  • Manufacturer Designation: MicroClick MC 15
  • Drive: 1/4"
  • length: 195 mm
  • Manufacturer Number: 23345

6 - 30 Nm:
  • Manufacturer Designation: MicroClick MC 30
  • Drive: 1/4"
  • length: 335 mm
  • Manufacturer Number: 23349

12 - 60 Nm:
  • Manufacturer Designation: MicroClick MC 60
  • Drive: 3/8"
  • length: 370 mm
  • Manufacturer Number: 23350

20 - 100 Nm:
  • Manufacturer Designation: MicroClick MC 100
  • Drive: 3/8"
  • length: 430 mm
  • Manufacturer Number: 23351

40 - 200 Nm:
  • Manufacturer Designation: MicroClick MC 200
  • Drive: 1/2"
  • length: 530 mm
  • Manufacturer Number: 23353


  • 1 x Proxxon MicroClick torque wrench
  • 1 x Proxxon plastic case
  • 1 x Proxxon 1/4" adapter for standard screwdriver bits (only for version 3-15 Nm)
  • not incl. bits

  • 100 day return period
  • Online since 1998
  • Trusted Shop 4.89 / 5.00


  • black-yellow/12-60 Nm, in stock
  • black-yellow/3-15 Nm, in stock
  • black-yellow/6-30 Nm, in stock
  • black-yellow/20-100 Nm, in stock
  • black-yellow/40-200 Nm, in stock

Customer Reviews (51)


Customer Reviews (51)


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by Taylan K. on 06.03.2021

I had used MC-15, 3-15 Nm version for 4 years until it was stolen recently. It is the shortest and slimmest torque wrench in this range and the small size is really beneficial when working in tight areas or between cables of narrow handlebars, etc. The torque range is limited to 3-15 Nm only. But limited range is theoretically more accurate than a wider range of 2,5-25 Nm. The lower price, and Proxxon being a brand for hobbyists may lead you to think it is something less than other German tools. But it feels much more solid than my Gedore Torcofix K torque wrench, which is Made in Germany. It looks and feels like a premium tool and it has 2 years guarantee for full professional use. It is a joy to use.

Down side are: It isn't made in Germany (if that matters). And the "click" sound isn't audible as with other wrenches. But it is hard to miss.

I highly recommend this one if you need torque wrench in this Nm range. I would buy again hands down but I am also tempted by Syntace 1-25 Nm, only to team with my 20-100 Nm torque wrench. Proxxon doesn't cover all the way up to 20 Nm. But I am still undecided.

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by Aleksa S. on 09.09.2020
verified purchase
item: black-yellow/3-15 Nm

Superb product. Certificate I got with my wrench shows that the accuracy is +-0.5%.
It is also easy to use.
Can't testify how well it holds over time since I got it recently.

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by Radu-Dumitru T. on 16.09.2019
verified purchase
item: black-yellow/3-15 Nm
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Received a few days ago and use it on 2 bikes to torque some bolts. I checked the torque ranges for all the bolts on my bike and this fits like a glove (seat clamp, handlebar, stem, rear derailleur, brakes, levers, etc.). I noticed others that say that the click is not very loud; it increases with the torque value, but even so there is a noticeable movement that you just can't miss.

I chose this torque wrench as it has a 2 year warranty, the box contains torque values/ bolt diameter with a calibration certificate with a +/- 4% tolerance and the price/quality seems to be very good. Recommended!

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by Yasen K. on 24.08.2019
verified purchase
item: black-yellow/20-100 Nm
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Torque function works only clockwise!
No matter the product has reverse lever for clockwise and anticlockwise rotation, the torque function works only clockwise. Anticlockwise rotation is for untightening.

Not suitable for bottom bracket bearings and pedals repair.

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Response from bike-components on 05.09.2019:

Like almost all torque wrenches available for bicycle use, the Proxxon MicroClick models release only in the right direction.

We will add this information to our product description.

by FLAVIO F. on 04.12.2017
verified purchase
item: black-yellow/3-15 Nm
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very good product

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by Evgenii P. on 11.07.2015
verified purchase
item: black-yellow/3-15 Nm
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Просто незаменимая вещь для тех, кто занимается ремонтом велосипедов. Отличное качество.

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