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Low tolerances and high precision: the SuperPista Ultimate Hiro Edition Floor Pump by SILCA

The SILCA SuperPista Ultimate Hiro Edition floor pump combines handcrafted tradition with the lowest tolerances ever realised in a bicycle pump. Made from the highest quality materials, it is both a classic and forward-looking masterpiece. For all its attention to detail, however, it offers itself above all as a highly efficient special tool for professionals. You can reach 100 psi in 17 pumps with a SuperPista Ultimate! Thanks to the gauge, which is accurate to 1 %, the tyre pressure and thus the driving experience can be influenced more precisely than with any other pump. Its special seals also give the SuperPista Ultimate unrivalled resistance to heat and dirt.


Pressure (max.):
11 bar (160 psi)
Valve Head:
Schrader, Presta

Technical Information:

71 cm
analogue, lower
amaranth T-handle
up to 12,000 psi pressure resistant
Cylinder Material:
aluminium (7005)


  • amaranth handle (Purpleheart)
  • mechanical 0-160 psi pressure gauge accurate to 1 psi, individually tested and numbered
  • hose pressure resistant up to 12,000 psi, developed as brake line for racing cars
  • first-class IGUS linear bearing and PTFE hard-coated shaft made of 7005 aluminium
  • unique, long-lasting seal made of leather, built in this way by Silca since 1946
  • further seals made of Dupont Viton, also used for high-quality diving watches
  • solid brass check valve, sourced from the same supplier in Italy since 1946
  • heavy, extremely stable base with elastomer feet made in Germany, stable and scratch-free on all floors
  • Made in USA

Information - Valves:

AV (Schrader) Valve:
  • Synonyms: Auto Valve (AV), Schrader Valve
  • Outer Diameter: 8.5 mm

SV / Presta Valve:
  • Synonyms: Sclaverand Valve (SV), French Valve, Presta Valve
  • Outer Diameter: 6.5 mm


  • 1 x SILCA SuperPista Ultimate Hiro Edition floor pump
  • 1 x gauge (0-160 psi)
  • 1 x SILCA Hiro V.2 threaded valve head


  • silver/universal, out of stock

Customer Reviews (3)


Customer Reviews (3)


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by Jürgen S.  on 20.04.2022

„Funktionale Skulptur“
Unglaubliche Verarbeitung von tollen Materialien. Absolute Handwerkskunst mit höchster Funktionalität.
Der Preis ist hoch - die Langlebigkeit aber ebenfalls.
Gerechnet an dem was für Parts an einem Highend-Bike ausgegeben wird, ein absolut gerechtfertigter Preis.
Es ist eine Freude mit der Pumpe zu arbeiten oder sie als Skulptur in der Werkstatt zu bewundern.

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by christian r.  on 09.09.2021
verified purchase

Qualitativ der Hammer - optisch und haptisch sowieso, nur für den Preis könnte eine Packtasche dabei sein!

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by Noel J.  on 13.07.2019
6 of 8 customers found this review helpful.

Super Pumpe, man wird immer drauf angesprochen. Jeder will sie mal probieren. Nur ein bisschen sperrig in der Satteltasche.

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