SKF MTRX01 Deep Groove Ball Bearing 61800 10 mm x 19 mm x 5 mm - universal/type 1

SKF MTRX01 Deep Groove Ball Bearing 61800 10 mm x 19 mm x 5 mm

Item number: 76250

MTRX01 61800 deep groove ball bearing by SKF - lives longer thanks to Solid Oil

The SKF MTRX01 is a deep groove ball bearing with 10 mm inner diameter, 19 mm outer diameter and 5 mm width. The corresponding bearing code is 61800. The bearing comes with an oil-impregnated polymer matrix called Solid Oil. Compared to conventional lubricants, this has the advantage of a larger oil reservoir, which also does not wash out and strengthens the sealing effect. This considerably extends the service life of the bearing, even if it is installed in places where dirt can quickly accumulate. This makes the MTRX01 ideal for use on Mountain bikes, for example in the headset, bottom bracket, pedal, rear derailleur, rear triangle or hubs. Constant bearing changes are now a thing of the past thanks to Solid Oil. Don't worry, just bike!


Dimensions (Inner x Outer x Width):
10 mm x 19 mm x 5 mm


Type 1:
deep groove ball bearings
Recommended Use:
hubs, bottom brackets, headsets, frame joints, rear shocks, pedals, derailleur pulleys
Inner Race Material:
steel (100Cr6)
Outer Race Material:
steel (100Cr6)
Ball Material:
steel (100Cr6)


  • specially designed for use on bicycles, especially Mountain bikes
  • oil-impregnated polymer matrix lubricates and protects the bearing even under the toughest operating conditions
  • significantly longer service life even when using pressure washers
  • no washing out of the lubricant: the " solid oil" remains in the bearing interior
  • minimised corrosion risk: Solid Oil acts as a protective shield for steel
  • increased lubricant reservoir: polymer matrix contains two to four times as much oil as conventional bearings
  • longer lubricant operating life: MTRX bearings are lubricated for life
  • no penetration of foreign particles: powerful seals keep dirt out
  • low environmental impact: with MTRX no grease escapes
  • races and balls are made of 100Cr6 bearing steel


In MTRX bearings, a polymer material is pressed into the free space of the bearing. This leaves a very small gap between the polymer and the rolling elements or races, which allows the bearing parts to rotate freely. The polymer material has a sponge-like structure with millions of microscopic pores which retain the lubricating oil via surface tension. During operation, the polymer matrix releases the lubricating oil into the small gap and thus ensures effective lubrication.
A bearing filled with Solid Oil contains two to four times the amount of oil of a normal bearing filled with grease. Due to their lifetime lubrication, they cannot and need not be re-lubricated. Solid Oil cannot be washed out and practically fills the entire free space in the bearing, minimising the amount of dirt and contaminants that can enter the bearing. In addition, the polymer matrix supports the integrated seals from the inside (e.g. during pressure washing) and thus additionally improves the sealing effect.
The MTRX portfolio can be used in the following places in Mountain biking: Bearings in the rear triangle and swing arms of full suspension bikes as well as in derailleur pulleys, bottom bracket bearings, pedals, hubs and headsets. In short, everywhere where something moves on the bike and is exposed to rough dirt and continuous cleaning. To withstand these influences, the bearings are equipped with contact seals.

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  • 1 x SKF MTRX01 61800 10 mm x 19 mm x 5 mm ball bearing

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  • universal/type 1, in stock

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