Shimano Alfine SL-S503 8-speed Shifter

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Alfine SL-S503 8-speed Shifter - black/8-speed
Alfine SL-S503 8-speed Shifter - black/8-speed
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The Alfine SL-S503 shifter by Shimano - compatible with shift unit CJ-8S40

The Shimano Alfine SL-S503 8-speed shifter can be used for the Alfine SG-S501 and for Nexus C6000 internally geared hubs with shifting unit CJ-8S40. Like all Rapidfire Plus shifters it features the 2-Way Release function, so the release lever can be operated by pulling with the index finger as well as by pressing with the thumb. The SL-S503 presents itself modern and sporty and convinces with exact shifting performance. It has an aluminium housing (silver or black) and levers made of synthetic resin and steel. The Alfine shifter is equipped with an easy to read gear indicator and comes complete with cable and SP41 cable housing.


Series: Alfine S500
Application: City
Gearing: 8-speed
Mount: clamp (closed)

Technical Information:

Type: Rapidfire Plus
Body Material: Aluminium
Lever Material: resin, steel
Cable: stainless steel
Cable Housing: OT-SP41
Gear Indicator: yes

Adjustment Options:

- cable adjust


- Alfine SG-S501 internally geared hubs
- Nexus SG-C6011-8R internally geared hubs
- Nexus SG-C6001-8R internally geared hubs
- Nexus SG-C6011-8V internally geared hubs
- Nexus SG-C6001-8V internally geared hubs
- Nexus SG-C6001-8C internally geared hubs
- Nexus SG-C6001-8D internally geared hubs
- Nexus SG-C6001-8CD internally geared hubs
- CJ-8S40 (Scandinavian) shift unit
- 22.2 mm clamp diameter
- handlebar grip diameter up to a maximum of 32 mm


- for Alfine SG-S501 and Nexus Inter-8 internally geared hubs
- gear indicator (above the handlebars)
- modern and sporty
- precise shifting function
- max. number of gears per shift: 1
- painted housing


Rapidfire Plus
Rapidfire Plus has been used by mountain bikers since 1985. Rapidfire Plus is still the first choice for a wide range of rider groups, from Cross Country racers to freeriders and downhillers. Rapidfire Plus is suitable for fast shifting.

With 2-Way-Release, the shifter can be pressed and pulled to shift to the smaller sprocket or chainring. This allows you to adjust the shifting process to your personal preferences. All newer Rapidfire Plus shifters are equipped with 2-Way-Release.


Mount: right
Manufacturer Numbers: E-SLS503ALSL3 (black), E-SLS503ALSS3 (silver)


- 1 x Shimano Alfine SL-S503 shifter, incl. gear indicator
- 1 x Shimano cable
- 1 x Shimano cable housing (2100 mm)
- 1 x cable housing mounting set
- 1 x composite cap


  • black/8-speed, in stock
  • silver/8-speed, in stock

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