Shimano XT FD-M8000 3-/11-speed Front Derailleur

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Shimano XT FD-M8000 3-/11-speed Front Derailleur - black/direct mount / side-swing / front-pull
Shimano XT FD-M8000 3-/11-speed Front Derailleur - black/direct mount / side-swing / front-pull
Shimano XT FD-M8000 3-/11-speed Front Derailleur - black/direct mount / side-swing / front-pull
Shimano XT FD-M8000 3-/11-speed Front Derailleur - black/direct mount / side-swing / front-pull
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The FD-M8000 XT front derailleur by Shimano - with side-swing technology

The Shimano XT FD-M8000 is a front derailleur for three chainrings, which plays an important role in the Dyna-Sys11 11-speed derailleur system. Its optimised pull (front pull) and innovative design (side swing) ensure powerful but always smooth gear changes and unprecedented performance even on full suspension bikes with more travel. The tyre clearance has been designed so that shorter chainstays are no problem. XT FD-M8000 is available with four mounting options (high clamp, low clamp, direct mount, bottom bracket mount).


Series: Deore XT M8000
Application: Cross Country, All Mountain
Gearing: 3x (combined with 11-speed)
Chainstay Angle: 66-69°
Chainline: 50 mm
Chainring Size (max.): 40 tooth
Capacity: 18 teeth
Difference Between Large & Middle Chainring: 10 teeth
Cable Routing: front pull
Movement: Side-Swing
Mount: high clamp, low clamp, E-type* (bottom bracket mount, low-direct), direct mount (high-direct)
Clamp Diameter: 34.9 mm with adapter 31.8 mm/28.6 mm
Compatibility: HG-X11 chains

Frames must be made for E-type mounts, retrofitting an E-type retaining plate is not possible.

Technical Information:

Outer Body Material: aluminium
Inner Body Material: aluminium
Cage Material: steel


- increased stability, manoeuvrability and shifting efficiency
- more tyre clearance for large wheels
- compatible with shorter chainstays
- efficient cable routing for easy gear changes
- versatile specifications, compatible with traditional mounting options
- six joint bushings
- painted parallelogram, plated cage plates


The real advantage of the 11-speed drivetrain is that the entire range of ratios is available without having to give up the usual rhythm. Dyna-Sys11 ensures an optimal rhythm both in the flats and in the ascents with " Rhythm Step" gears in the most frequently used range. Drive efficiency is a critical performance indicator for the drivetrain. Dyna-Sys11 means more speed with the same effort.

The so-called Side-Swing technology delivers 90% better shifting performance. Developed with particular regard to modern bikes, the Side-Swing derailleur offers 15 % more space between seat tube and tyre, while the completely new and optimised cable pull and cable routing drastically reduces the force needed to operate the shifter.

Manufacturer Part Numbers:

high clamp / side-swing / front-pull: I-FDM8000HX6
low clamp / side-swing / front-pull: I-FDM8000LX6
direct mount / side-swing / front-pull: I-FDM8000D6
E-type / side-swing / front-pull: I-FDM8000E6X


- 1 x Shimano XT FD-M8000 front derailleur
- 1 x 28.6 mm adapter (only clamp model)
- 1 x 31.8 mm adapter (only clamp model)


  • black/low clamp / side-swing / front-pull: 135 g
  • black/high clamp / side-swing / front-pull: 151 g
  • black/direct mount / side-swing / front-pull: 136 g
  • black/E-Type / side-swing / front-pull: 121 g


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  • black/low clamp / side-swing / front-pull
  • black/high clamp / side-swing / front-pull
  • black/direct mount / side-swing / front-pull
  • black/E-Type / side-swing / front-pull

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by Tilmann G.  on 31.01.2018
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Fantastische Funktion am 27,5er Trail-/Tourenfully, sehr geringe Schaltkräfte, präzise Schaltvorgänge auch im Schnee. Kein Schleifen, gut einstellbar. Die Entfaltung von 3-/11-fach nutze ich bei jeder Tour!

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