Unior Bike Tools Pro Kit 1600PROKIT Toolbox - red/universal

Unior Bike Tools Pro Kit 1600PROKIT Toolbox

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Unior Bike Tools Pro Kit 1600PROKIT Toolbox with over 45 functions

The Pro Kit 1600PROKIT is a toolbox with over 45 tools from Unior Bike Tools. This professional-grade set offers you various spanners, all kinds of hex wrenches, two Torx wrenches, two screwdrivers, a caliper, two pliers and various cutting tools. Of course, tools for crank, cassette, chain and brake are included. A soft-face hammer, awl, tweezers, file and measuring tape complete the comprehensive set. The case is made of durable plastic and is dustproof as well as waterproof. Numerous compartments and pockets, which are equipped with hard-wearing nylon threads, keep your tools well sorted. Small parts can also be stored securely here. The sides of the lid can be opened, and the bottom is divided in the middle to give you a better overview. There is an insert that can be hung on the outside of the case. The security lock ensures that you can transport the set without worry. Just use the grab the handle and go.


composite, steel
Dimensions (LxWxH):
46.4 x 36.6 x 17.6 cm


  • double open-end wrench 6 x 7 mm
  • double open-end wrench 8 x 9 mm
  • double open-end wrench 10 x 11 mm
  • double open-end wrench 13 x 15 mm
  • double open-end wrench 17 x 19 mm
  • ring wrench, open, 15° offset 8 x 10 mm
  • Pro Socket Handle 1/2"
  • hex wrench w/ T-handle 2 mm
  • hex wrench w/ T-handle 2.5 mm
  • hex wrench w/ T-handle 3 mm
  • hex wrench w/ T-handle 4 mm
  • hex wrench w/ T-handle 5 mm
  • hex wrench w/ T-handle 6 mm
  • hex wrench w/ T-handle 8 mm
  • hex wrench w/ T-handle 10 mm
  • Torx wrench w/ T-handle T10
  • Torx wrench w/ T-handle T25
  • hex wrench 1.5 mm
  • hex wrench 2 mm
  • hex wrench 2.5 mm
  • hex wrench 3 mm
  • ball-end hex wrench 4 mm
  • ball-end hex wrench 5 mm
  • single open-end wrench, adjustable
  • manual precision caliper
  • combination pliers
  • diagonal cutting pliers
  • lockring pliers, internal, straight
  • Bowden cable cutter
  • utility knife
  • Philips head screwdriver with 3-component handle
  • flat head screwdriver with 3-component handle
  • awl with round, double-bent blade
  • measuring tape
  • half-round file with handle
  • soft-face hammer
  • tweezers, straight
  • bottom bracket wrench with crank assembly tool
  • standard chain wear indicator
  • rotor truing tool
  • cassette tool
  • cassette remover
  • cassette lockring tool with 12 mm pin
  • master link pliers
  • brake piston resetting tool


  • extensively equipped toolbox for the mechanic's daily routine
  • made of thick, durable plastic
  • case bottom with aluminium divider for organisation
  • two fold-out tool compartments integrated flush in the lid: space for up to 35 tools
  • particularly tight pockets provide a secure hold even for small tools
  • 44 pockets in total and additional storage space under the insert pocket
  • tool compartment that can be hooked in on the outside, with 9 compartments for tools such as pliers and open-end wrenches
  • compartments finished with durable nylon stitching
  • dust and waterproof to IP67, cover with circumferential water seal
  • automatic pressure reducing valve
  • easy to open safety lock
  • statically tested, soft carrying handle
  • attachment for shoulder straps
  • non-corrosive nylon pins

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  • 1 x Unior Bike Tools Pro Kit 1600PROKIT Toolbox with contents

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  • red/universal, in stock

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