Over the past several years, we here at bc have developed and produced our own lines of essentials: bc basic, bc original and bc edition. Each of our bc products represents our expertise and passion for cycling. You can count on our bikes and parts to help you fully enjoy riding through the woods, on gravel or asphalt, or wherever your own passions take you.


bc original represents our knowledge and expertise in all aspects of athletic cycling. Every year we spend thousands of kilometres in the saddle: uphill and downhill, on asphalt and gravel, and naturally off-road. This experience and passion comes through in every aspect of our bc original products.

bc basic is our line that delivers top products at unbeatable prices, made exclusively for bike-components by well-respected manufacturers.

For our bc edition line we’ll bring you top sellers from the hottest brands, decked out with the logo of your favourite online bike shop--bike-components.de!

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Don't care whether it's basic, original or edition, as long as it’s from us? Then you’ve come to the right place: our bc Apparel page! Here you’ll find all clothing by bc, from high-end jerseys to casual shirts. Go on, take a look around!

Whether you’re looking for a single wheel, a wheelset or a set with bike lights, our bc Wheel category will help you find everything you need to get you moving again.

From small everyday essentials, to practical and chic bags such as the Ortlieb Back Roller Classic: our Merch section is chock full of fun and handy items that feature our famous bc logo. To gift, keep or take with you, wherever you go.

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