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bc original stands for our know-how about cycling. Every year we spend thousands of kilometres in the saddle, uphill and downhill, on asphalt as well as on gravel or simply off-road. This experience and passion flows into the development of our own products, which we produce in cooperation with renowned manufacturers. It is our passion and our deep conviction that these products are the absolute best!
Developed in partnership with MG-Components, the Loamer is a premium and lightweight 27.5" and 29" MTB wheelset that gives your bike back the agility and manoeuvrability of 26" without sacrificing stability. Extensively tested by us on rugged trails in Canada and the long passes of the Himalayas.
But we don't just feel at home on rough trails: Smooth asphalt also makes our hearts start pumping. A passion manifested in the Flechtwerk. Braided carbon rims meet super-light bc Evo hubs, laced with steel spokes to create a wheelset that takes lightness and stiffness to a new level.

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