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front light (white)
stainless steel light mount
Light Source:
1 x LED
60 lux
Power Source:
dynamo hub, bottle dynamo

Technical Information:

Illumination Modes:
day and night mode
Standing Light:
yes (can be turned off)
On / Off / Automatic (sensor)

Approved For:

Street Use in Germany:
yes, for bicycles (according to §67 StVZO)
Check Number:
K ~~ 570


  • special IQ-Premium lighting technology
  • with optimised close-range illumination
  • with an integrated front light
  • suitable for mounting on all types of bicycles
  • separate connections for the rear light, power and earth cables
  • with integrated overvoltage protection
  • includes a stainless steel light mount
  • with practical standing light function through the use of capacitor technology (it can be switched off via a rotary switch)
  • ergonomic completely integrated rotary switch
  • only 52 mm diameter and 66 mm side length
  • intelligent design
  • suitable for the use with a hub dynamo
  • comfort through an intelligent sensor technology
  • integrated light/dark sensor ensures that the lighting system automatically illuminates at dusk and in the dark
  • with an integrated reflector
  • StVZO approved


IQ Technology
The revolutionary light from busch+müller: a special reflector with an optimised cooling system uses a high-performance LED as an indirect light source. The LED is not visible any longer in the middle of the reflector. This creates a light field that is extremely evenly illuminated and can be twice as wide as conventional technology. Light effects can be positioned more precisely - for example, the near field in front of the front wheel can be additionally brightened.

Standing Light
This innovation by busch+müller from the nineties has become the safety standard. The additional " plus" indicates that standing lights are integrated into the equipment. Neither batteries nor rechargeable batteries are required for the standing light. This is how it works: As soon as the bike is stationary, an LED standing light is supplied with power by a maintenance-free capacitor. The capacitor charged itself during the journey.

By the way: The standing light of the Lumotec headlights can run for many minutes. This is why the standing lights on Lumotec IQ models can also be switched off manually - so that no thief is tempted when the bicycle is parked.

Automatic Sensor
If a Lumotec front light has the addition of " sensor" in its name, it can switch on automatically at dusk or in the dark, and switches off automatically when driving in the light. For this to happen, a permanent power supply by a hub dynamo is required. To prevent the sensor from reacting " incorrectly" to short-term light signals like a car headlight, it is equipped with a delay. The sensor function can also be switched off. In the case of front lights with daytime running light function, the light sensor takes over the task of automatically switching between day and night modes.

Near Field Illumination
For a safe ride it is very important to have a good view of the area immediately ahead of the front wheel. Bumps, obstacles, potholes in this " near field" are easily perceived in the light and are avoided by short, intuitive steering movements. In the dark, this is only possible if the area right in front of the bike is brightly and evenly illuminated. Subjectively, the need for a bright near-field increases the slower your speed is, because your balance will be increasingly threatened by possible obstacles.

Manufacturer Number:



  • 1 x busch+müller Lumotec IQ Cyo Premium R Senso Plus front light
  • 1 x busch+müller light mount
  • incl. cable
  • incl. mounting material


  • black/universal, out of stock

Customer Reviews (1)


Customer Reviews (1)


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by Othmar U.  on 06.02.2015
verified purchase

Ich bin von der Lichtstärke entäuscht, für das hoche Preisniveau auf alle Fälle zu wenig. Für den Rest gibt es keine Beanstandungen, Sensor-Standlicht-Halterung-Schalter usw. sind Von guter Qualität.

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