Assosoires Robo Foil G2 Cap - black series/48 - 55 cm

ASSOS Assosoires Robo Foil G2 Cap

Item number: 74690

The Robo Foil G2 cap by ASSOS - soft, seamless head protection

With the ASSOS Robo Foil G2 cap - the second generation of the Robo Foil - you acquire head protection that keeps you cool and dry and is comfortable to wear. It is mainly made of polypropylene, which dissipates moisture better than polyester, and is manufactured using Circular Seamless technology without side seams. The result is a uniform tubular knit design that feels good on the skin. Of course, the cap also fends off harmful UV rays.


Special Fabrics:
SPF 30
Temperature Range:
1/3 (summer)


  • indispensable accessory for warm weather rides
  • protects from the sun
  • regulates sweat
  • Push-Pull effect thanks to lightweight, highly moisture-absorbing polypropylene
  • head stays cool and dry


70% polypropylene, 15% polyester, 10% polyamide, 5% elastane


Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design is the know-how, experience and philosophy with which ASSOS works out and designs the fit of the products in such a way that it harmonises perfectly with the sitting position on the bike. ASSOS clothing is designed to adapt perfectly to and merge with the body on the bike. High-tech materials are basically useless unless they are perfectly cut and processed.

The ASSOS collection is a sophisticated and technically advanced clothing system in which all products are coordinated and designed to complement and work together perfectly in every season. The ASSOS Layering System (ALS) divides the year into 3 different temperature ranges - from summer to spring/autumn to winter (Outfit Climarange). The goal of ALS is to keep your body warm and dry in all climatic conditions. The advantage of the ASSOS collection lies in its versatility; the products can be intelligently stacked and combined in layers.

Circular Seamless
A tubular knit design without side seams that creates a particularly soft and comfortable feeling in the neck, face and head.

Size Guide:

The size range refers to the head circumference measured just above the ears, at the hairline along the forehead.
48 - 55 cm:
- Manufacturer's Size Designation: 0
56 - 63 cm:
- Manufacturer's Size Designation: I

Manufacturer Number:

black series:


  • 1 x ASSOS Robo Foil G2 skull cap

  • 100 day return period
  • Online since 1998
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  • black series/48 - 55 cm, in stock
  • black series/56 - 63 cm, in stock

Customer Reviews (2)


Customer Reviews (2)


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by Thomas L. on 13.07.2023
verified purchase
item: black series/48 - 55 cm

Leider zu klein

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by Martin H. on 30.03.2020
verified purchase
item: black series/53 - 58 cm

Da mein Kopfhaar doch etwas lichter geworden ist hab ich es nun mal mit der Robo Foil G2 Mütze versucht. Jetzt im Frühjahr angenehm, schütz vor kühler Zugluft. Auch bei wärmeren Temperaturen +15° gut zu tragen, saugt den Schweiß gut auf ohne zu Überhitzen, hoffe das bleibt auch im Sommer so.
Leider ein Stern Abzug, da die Naht in der Mitte je nach Helm eine unschöne Druck-Linie auf der Kopfhaut hinterlässt. Jetzt ziehe ich Sie links herum auf und mit dem neuen Bell 4 Forty ist in der Mitte auch kein Polster das auf die Naht und Kopfhaut drücken kann.

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