ASSOS Equipe RSR S9 Bib Shorts

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Equipe RSR S9 Bib Shorts - black series/M
Equipe RSR S9 Bib Shorts - black series/M
Equipe RSR S9 Bib Shorts - black series/M
Equipe RSR S9 Bib Shorts - black series/M
Equipe RSR S9 Bib Shorts - black series/M
Equipe RSR S9 Bib Shorts - black series/M
Equipe RSR S9 Bib Shorts - black series/M
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Stability, comfort, performance: the Equipe RSR S9 Bib Shorts by ASSOS

ASSOS wanted to reach an unprecedented level with the Equipe RSR S9 bib shorts, the level where speed and absolute comfort become one. Imagine the wear and tear that a pair of shorts worn by a WorldTour pro is subjected to for hours on end every day - cornering, cradling, changing road surfaces, etc. Then you know what the goals of ASSOS were. The shorts must offer a frame that can withstand these stresses, but at the same time be extremely comfortable and as light as possible.
Initially ASSOS was concerned with the material, which should combine compressive support, durability, softness and low weight. The result was the Type.701 compression material, the successor to the highly acclaimed S7 Campionissimo compression material. It is extremely low-friction, made of incredibly thin yarn with enormous elasticity and supports the muscles. Superior support, breathability and a silky soft feel along the lumbar spine and thighs make it feel like a second skin.

As a further step, ASSOS turned its attention to the pattern, working with only two panels of fabric instead of four as before. Here, it all came down to stabilising the shorts and keeping them in place. The " butterfly insert" completely encloses the legs and converges at the back to form the ergoBox structure. This prevents the shorts from slipping without sacrificing comfort. Unlike the RS S9 model, the Equipe RSR S9 bib shorts do not use a rollBar, which saves weight. However, the straps here are also made of stretch material on the back and moisture-wicking carbon fabric on the front.
Last but not least, the chamois has been optimised for maximum performance. With reduced surface area, superAir microShock foam with 3D waffle and craterCooler system, it promotes air exchange and weighs less than ever. The patented, horizontal stabiliser fixes the insert in place and therefore fits perfectly with the total design concept.


Application: Road
Type: short
Cut: racingFit
Padding: S9 (grey)
Special Fabrics: Type.701kompressor
Temperature Range: 1/3 (summer)
Product Line: Equipe RS


- very strong
- very compressible
- breathable
- odour inhibiting effect due to silver ions
- 30% fewer and flatter seams, making it more comfortable and lightweight


68 % polyamide, 32 % elastane


Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design is the know-how, experience and philosophy with which ASSOS works out and designs the fit of the products in such a way that it harmonises perfectly with the sitting position on the bike. ASSOS clothing is designed to adapt perfectly to and merge with the body on the bike. High-tech materials are basically useless unless they are perfectly cut and processed.

The ASSOS collection is a sophisticated and technically advanced clothing system in which all products are coordinated and designed to complement and work together perfectly in every season. The ASSOS Layering System (ALS) divides the year into 3 different temperature ranges - from summer to spring/autumn to winter (Outfit Climarange). The goal of ALS is to keep your body warm and dry in all climatic conditions. The advantage of the ASSOS collection lies in its versatility; the products can be intelligently stacked and combined in layers.

A-Lock Engineering
The S9 racingFit system combines new materials and methods, which together ensure that the shorts are stabilised and the insert does not slip.

A square pattern that effectively frames the cushion at the back for added stability.

An open-edged finish with sealed seams, making for arguably the smoothest transition between body and material. More comfort, less feeling of pressure.

Butterfly Pattern
The primary material insert hugs the back of the lumbar spine and legs and converges at the back. The reduced use of seams results in a more uniform hold and less weight.

Ultralight Leg Grippers
The Lycra/elastane structure of the leg hems naturally hugs the thighs. Free of silicone - for a smooth, ultra-light hold.

A patented fabric specifically designed for compressive support and comfort, with a material that fits like a second skin. 160 g/m2, USF 50+, dyed threads with incorporated odorControl, maximum wear resistance, reduction of friction, water repellent and optimal heat management. A fitted extension at the front provides additional comfort.

Carbon Xbib
A single section consisting of elastic material that has been folded over itself to create a supportive A-shaped frame that offers a short vertical stretch at the back. A more flexible material has been used over the " X" junction, made from an anti-bacterial carbon fabric that wicks away moisture while lying flat at the front.

S9 chamois
S9 Basalt: Antibacterial microfibre coating in a gray color palette of 3D basalt - a tribute to the lava stone that gives strength, stability and courage.
Horizontal Stabilizer: A patented, centrally located mesh that secures the back of the pad to the outer material, preventing slippage while riding.
superAir microShock foam: A lightweight, open-cell foam made from a shock-absorbing compound that returns to its original position and fills the gap every time your riding position changes due to weight shift in the saddle.
kraterCooler: A system of small holes in the front of to help cool the sensitive areas of your body through air exchange.
Surface reduction: The base area of the pad has been reduced compared to other Equipe Evo designs to save excess weight.
3D waffle: A patented, three-layer perforated foam that increases breathability and eliminates excess weight.
goldenGate: a patented process technique that interrupts the seams on the two side inserts, allowing a more three-dimensional freedom of movement in this sensitive area that is always in motion.

Size Guide:

ASSOS products are designed to fit the body of a cyclist perfectly. The cut of the products is anatomically shaped according to the ASSOS cut design philosophy AEPD. This means that ASSOS products perfectly surround and protect the body without constricting it when riding. ASSOS products are not very comfortable in the upright position - they stretch - and this is completely normal. So go into a bent posture like on a bike and feel how it " clicks" and the clothes now fit perfectly. ASSOS technical products are made for real cycling and not for leisure activities.
If you're built more than slim or if you like your fit looser, go up a size.
XXL: Manufacturer Designation: XLG

Manufacturer Number:

black series:


- 1 x ASSOS Equipe RSR S9 bib shorts


  • black series/XXL, in stock

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