Bell Super 3R MIPS Helmet - matte black/55 - 59 cm

Bell Super 3R MIPS Helmet

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All Mountain, transformed: the Super 3R MIPS® Helmet from Bell

It's called " All-Mountain" for a reason. Sporting a removable chin bar, the Super 3R adapts to any situation on the trail - from long, steep climbs to radical descents.
The best chassis adapts to changing ground. That's the idea behind the Super 3R. It is designed to meet the various needs of all-mountain riders, which include long, gruelling climbs at low speeds as well as full-throttle descents on rough trails. The removable chin bar makes the Super 3R uniquely well-equipped for any all-mountain tour. You'll get practically two helmets in one: For long climbs, remove and stow the chin guard in your backpack or simply wear it around your neck. Quick and easy to install without any tools, leaving you ready for aggressive downhill trails.
Bell has further equipped the new Super 3R with the new Float Fit adjustment system. The fit has been fundamentally improved, and comfort has been further enhanced by reworking the shape inside and out. It also includes more trail-specific features such as the GoggleGuide visor, a Breakaway Action Cam mount and Overbrow Ventilation.


All Mountain
Air Circulation Vents:
fusion in-mould polycarbonate shell, MIPS®


  • antibacterial effect due to silver threads


MIPS is a glide plane system within the helmet designed to slow or reduce the amount of energy transmitted to or from the head. A helmet equipped with MIPS consists of 3 essential components: the helmet inner shell, a glide plane system and a suspension system made of elastomers. During impact, the inner shell of the helmet dissipates most of the energy. The elastomer-based suspension system allows the sliding plane system to move. Elongation of the elastomers leads to a rotation of the sliding plane system that is independent of the inner shell and completely encases the head. Although only a few millimetres, this movement can reduce the amount of energy acting on the brain.

Float Fit™ Adjustment System
Bell's most advanced helmet adjustment system combines comfort and safety in an ultra-lightweight design. Float Fit optimises the fit of the helmet in 2 ways - in terms of head circumference and vertical adjustment. In order to reduce weight and simplify operability, the guide arms are uniquely designed to enclose the back of the head with the " float" design. This puts the helmet in an ideal position on the head. Simple, light and comfortable.

Fusion In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell
EPS foam is injected into the thin microshell while it is still in the mould, instead of forming it and gluing it on separately. This process was first introduced by Bell and is now the standard for all demanding helmets.

Integrated Breakaway Camera Mount
Bell's integrated camera mount allows the portable action camera to be mounted seamlessly and wobble-free without the need for double-sided adhesive tape or cable ties. The removable attachment fits perfectly into the ventilation opening at the top of the helmet, keeps the camera in the ideal position and leaves no marks on the helmet after removal.

Overbrow Ventilation™
The Overbrow Ventilation System directs actively cooling air into the helmet through deep inlets at the forehead. Specially-designed ducts guide air around the head and channel warm air out of the helmet. Deep air inlets above the forehead allow cool air to penetrate the helmet.

X-Static® Padding
The X-Static pads are woven with silver fibres. Quick-drying and antimicrobial, they have an anti-odour effect. In addition, the X-Static pads give the rider a cooling feeling when it's hot and a warming feeling when it's cold thanks to their thermal properties.

GoggleGuide™ Adjustable Visor
The adjustable Goggle Guide visor system holds the goggles securely in place. The visor can easily be pushed up and offers enough space on the helmet to " park" the glasses on the helmet. If you are travelling without a visor, the short Goggle Retention Arms are used. They hold the strap securely in place and prevent the glasses from slipping upwards.

Breakaway Screws
Bell's visor screws break more easily in the event of a fall to avoid the possibility of cuts from bent visors - another clever precautionary measure from Bell.

Wraparound Protection™
The removable chin bar is a great solution for all trail riders who don't want to sacrifice extra protection. For long climbs or sweaty XC stretches, simply remove and attach it to the hydration pack. If you're moving across more demanding terrain, installing the protective chin guard takes only 3 steps. Its innovative closure design allows the chin guard to be fitted without using any special tools.

Colour Index:

matte smoke-pear:
base colour grey with neon green and yellow accents

Size Guide:

52 - 56 cm:
55 - 59 cm:
58 - 62 cm:


  • 1 x Bell Super 3R MIPS helmet

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Customer Reviews (7)


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by Andrey V. on 24.12.2022
verified purchase
item: downdraft matte gray-gunmetal/52 - 56 cm

Very light and airy, which was I was looking for. Took it for my 5 year old kid, and it is a much better option than all the kids' specific helmets!

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