Burley Coho XC Trailer

Item number: 82573
Coho XC Trailer - black/universal
Coho XC Trailer - black/universal
Coho XC Trailer - black/universal
Coho XC Trailer - black/universal
Coho XC Trailer - black/universal
Coho XC Trailer - black/universal
Coho XC Trailer - black/universal
Coho XC Trailer - black/universal
Coho XC Trailer - black/universal
Coho XC Trailer - black/universal
Coho XC Trailer - black/universal
Coho XC Trailer - black/universal
Coho XC Trailer - black/universal
Coho XC Trailer - black/universal
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Type: cargo trailer
Wheel Size: 16"

Technical Information:

Resistance Unit: no
Suspension Type: yes
Towing Mount: rear wheel axle
Dimensions (H x W x D): 53.97 cm x 43.18 cm x 168.91 cm
Dimensions, Storage Area (L x W): 60.9 cm x 38.1 cm
Storage Area Volume: 70 litres
Frame Material: aluminium

Approved For:

Payload (max.): 31.8 kg


- manoeuvrable and slim thanks to single-axle design
- coil ensures smooth riding characteristics
- width-adjustable yoke fits on different axle widths
- fender and top edge of frame at the same height, so that even extra-long objects can be transported on the trailer
- mounting options for bottle cage, tools etc.
- unlocking handle for one-handed decoupling
- can be assembled and disassembled without tools
- removable tension net to protect cargo
- adjustable kickstand
- removable sides

Additional Components Needed:

A Burley Ballz thru-axle or Burley Ballz quick release is required to use the Coho XC transport trailer. These are not included in the scope of delivery.

Manufacturer Part Number:



- 1 x Burley Coho XC Trailer
- 1 x Burley Coho XC Off-Road Wheel
- 1 x tension net
- 1 x fender
- 1 x trailer fork axle
- 1 x trailer wheel axle
- 1 x rear stay pin
- 1 x safety flag
- 1 x reflector, red


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  • black/universal

Customer Reviews (3)


Customer Reviews (3)


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by VÉRONIQUE P.  on 14.09.2021
verified purchase

C’est ma première remorque mono roue.
Je l’ai testé pour le moment sur une dizaine de kilomètres.

Points positifs =
-Remorque paraît solide.
-Elle est faite avec de bons matériaux.
-très belle allure
-stable sur route
-suit la trajectoire du vélo

Points négatifs =
-elle fait beaucoup de bruits (sur route non asphaltée) mais on s’y fait à la longue

Pour le moment elle a été testée avec roue de « route ».
J’ai acheté la roue 16 plus.
Je verrai la différence dans d’autres circonstances.

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by Joost S.  on 10.08.2021
verified purchase

I got the trailer a week ago. Not for use with luggage, but to take my 11 week old Vizsla pup (Traildog in training) with me on some rides. Get him used to mountainbikes and trails.
I put in a dog-pillow and a liner inside the trailer and attached some lines yo attach his harnas. He sits and stands (on trails) in the back, waving his tail and enjoying our time outside. I can’t walk past the trailer without him trying to jump in. So I think he likes it after only three rides.

Riding with the trailer takes some time to get used to it. You have to keep in mind that tight turns are no longer possible, but you’ll quickly get the hang of it. The trailer rides comfortably behind your bike, there is no noticeable imbalance caused by the trailer, even on faster (fire road) descents. Of course you’ll notice the extra weight and if you have a moving load (like a puppy dog) the trailer will be noticeable. But my dog also needed time to get used to the trailer. On trail sections he now stands up in the trailer and is “surfing” the trail. The trailer is very mobile and wel suited for a narrow singletrack, but keep in mind you can’t manoeuvre tight bends.
So why only 4 stars. Yes, the dog likes it, the handling is very good, and I love the time spent on the trails together with my little traildog….
We’ll, the concept of this trailer is great, it is a sturdy and well thought out design. But as stated in the other review there are some (minor) setbacks. Yes the trailer is noisy on the trail, the couplings are not really tight and make noise. Probably a downside of the manoeuvrability, so that is something I can live with. But it’s concept, being easy to put together and take-apart, has a downside. The front and rear use quick releases and plastic bearings, probably a cost saving, so I’m wondering how it will hold up in the long run.
But for this price the trailer seems a good deal, but keep in mind, it is very good but not perfect!

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by Christian M.  on 04.07.2021
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Der Anhänger ist sehr vielseitig einsetzbar, bekommt aber wegen unzureichender Qualität nur zwei Sterne:

1. Positives:
+ durchdachtes Konzept, Vielseitigkeit
+ stabiler Mittelständer
+ einhändisches An-/Abhängen
+ Schutzblech zur Befestigung langer Teile
+ Schnellspanner an allen wichtigen Anbauteilen
+ variable Achsbreiten
+ 26 bis 29" geeignet

2. Negatives:
- kleiner Wendekreis (Vorsicht beim rückwärts schieben)
- Radnabe quietschte nach nur 100km (das darf nicht sein!)
- Aufhängung Radschwinge hat sehr viel Spiel: ständiges Klappern beim Fahren
- Viele Kunststoffteile verbaut (Boden, Kupplung, Drehgelenk Gabel…) => Lebensdauer/Robustheit?

Die zwei Sterne gibt’s von mir weil Burley für ein paar Euro mehr in der Produktion (Kugellager an der Schwinge statt ungenaue Passung, Alu statt Kunststoff, hochwertigere Radnabe…) einen wesentlich robusteren Anhänger hätte bauen können, der es mit dem Urgestein "Bob Yak" hätte aufnehmen können.
In der Qualität kann ich den Anhänger nur für kleinere Ausfahrten an den Baggersee empfehlen - für längere Touren würde ich mir einen robusteren Anhänger kaufen - außerdem nervt die klappernde Radaufhängung sehr!

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