Campagnolo Ekar Ultra Torque Carbon 13-speed Crankset

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Campagnolo Ekar Ultra Torque Carbon 13-speed Crankset - carbon/170.0 mm 40 tooth
Campagnolo Ekar Ultra Torque Carbon 13-speed Crankset - carbon/170.0 mm 40 tooth
Campagnolo Ekar Ultra Torque Carbon 13-speed Crankset - carbon/170.0 mm 40 tooth
Campagnolo Ekar Ultra Torque Carbon 13-speed Crankset - carbon/170.0 mm 40 tooth
Campagnolo Ekar Ultra Torque Carbon 13-speed Crankset - carbon/170.0 mm 40 tooth
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The Ekar 13-speed carbon crankset by Campagnolo delights Gravel and Endurance riders with quick chainring replacement and a perfect fit on the bike.


Application: Gravel, Touring & Trekking, Road
Compatibility: Campagnolo 1x13-speed
Chainring Mount: 123 mm bolt circle diameter, 4-arm

Technical Information:

Series: Ekar
Crankarm Material: carbon
Chainring Material: aluminium
Axle Material: steel
Gradation: 38 tooth, 40 tooth, 42 tooth, 44 tooth
Crankarm Length: 165.0 mm, 170.0 mm, 172.5 mm, 175.0 mm
Chainline: 43.5 mm
Q-Factor: 145.5 mm
Axle Diameter: 25 mm
Recommended Bottom Bracket: Pro-Tech threaded bearing cups or Pro-Tech Pressfit bearing cups
Recommended Chain: Campagnolo Ekar


- crank with only one chainring: highly reliable and user-friendly
- easy chainring replacement without removing the crank (4-bolt assembly)
- perfect set-up even with wider chainstays
- Ultra-Torque axle
- specially sealed ball bearings
- 38 t recommended for Adventure, 40 t for Gravel with elevation gains, 42 t for flat Gravel routes, 44 t for Endurance Road and Endurance Gravel


Ultra Torque™
Low weight, rigidity and easy maintenance: Ultra Torque. Campagnolo has made sure that the two halves of the bottom bracket are inseparably connected to the respective crank arms. This new development has made it possible to considerably reduce the lateral protrusion from the frame, thus preventing the undesirable contact of the ankles with the crank arms during pedalling. Its assembly is extremely simple, a single oversize screw is used to firmly connect the two halves of the axle. Concerning effectiveness of transmission of momentum, this system can stand comparison with a one-piece axle.
In addition, despite the narrow side profile, it has been possible to position the bearings outside the bottom bracket shell, making the axle, which has been given a larger diameter, more rigid thanks to the increased support width. The extraordinary performance characteristics of the Ultra Torque have been achieved by a system that originated in engine construction in the area of couplings and rotary axes: the Hirth™ gearing. This is a coupling connection with self-centering and self-aligning spur gearing, which is arranged in the centre of the inner bearing axle where the ends of the axle halves firmly connected to the crank arms touch each other.

Manufacturer Part Numbers:

165.0 mm 38 tooth: FC21-EK1368
165.0 mm 40 tooth: FC21-EK1360
165.0 mm 42 tooth: FC21-EK1362
165.0 mm 44 tooth: FC21-EK1364
170.0 mm 38 tooth: FC21-EK1308
170.0 mm 40 tooth: FC21-EK1300
170.0 mm 42 tooth: FC21-EK1302
170.0 mm 44 tooth: FC21-EK1304
172.5 mm 38 tooth: FC21-EK1328
172.5 mm 40 tooth: FC21-EK1320
172.5 mm 42 tooth: FC21-EK1322
172.5 mm 44 tooth: FC21-EK1324
175.0 mm 38 tooth: FC21-EK1358
175.0 mm 40 tooth: FC21-EK1350
175.0 mm 42 tooth: FC21-EK1352
175.0 mm 44 tooth: FC21-EK1354


- 1 x Campagnolo Ekar crankset
- 1 x right bearing (installed)
- 1 x left bearing (installed)


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  • carbon/165.0 mm 38 tooth
  • carbon/165.0 mm 40 tooth
  • carbon/165.0 mm 42 tooth
  • carbon/165.0 mm 44 teeth
  • carbon/170.0 mm 38 tooth
  • carbon/170.0 mm 40 tooth
  • carbon/170.0 mm 42 tooth
  • carbon/170.0 mm 44 tooth
  • carbon/172.5 mm 38 tooth
  • carbon/172.5 mm 40 tooth
  • carbon/172.5 mm 42 tooth
  • carbon/172.5 mm 44 tooth
  • carbon/175.0 mm 38 tooth
  • carbon/175.0 mm 40 tooth
  • carbon/175.0 mm 42 tooth
  • carbon/175.0 mm 44 tooth

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