Based in Whistler, Canada, Chromag produces top-quality handlebars, stems, grips and pedals. Everything your bike needs to shred trails and look good doing it.

At Chromag, we are like a family who is connected by bikes. We are all passionate riders and after work we are riding together too. We are always talking about our experience with our products and exploring new ideas about what we want for the future. As a team with a focus on product development, it’s a great way for us to constantly consider the gear we ride with and how we can make it better!
Ian Ritz, Chromag Founder
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Chromag Background Information

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Chromag - how the production of beloved bicycle components began

Chromag was founded by Ian Ritz, who was able to amass tons of bicycle industry knowledge from his legendary “Evolution” bike shop in Whistler. However, he didn’t just want to see parts, instead he wanted to build bicycle frames and components based on his own concepts. His first project was a hardtail frame, that friends and acquaintances loved so much that in 2003 he launched Chromag. Ian’s passion and his team’s attention to detail are the reason why Chromag has become a cult brand in the bicycle world.

Where are Chromag bikes and components made?

The quality brand’s headquarters is located in the most beautiful bike paradise: the Coast Mountains in British Columbia, Canada. It offers a unique testing area, that can be seen in the functionality and durability of the saddles, handlebars, stems and other bike parts. Additionally, Ian can confidently say that his team is made up of absolute bike enthusiasts. I mean let’s be real, who can withstand those trails?

Individuality and creativity come first at Chromag

Their approach is to clearly give their products something special. Since their first bicycle handlebars, saddles and grips, they have been producing the parts that meet performance, function and design standards that they want when biking. Become a part of the Chromag family and give your bike some components you won’t want to live without!