Continental Speed King RaceSport 26" Folding Tyre

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Continental Speed King RaceSport 26" Folding Tyre - black/26x2.2
Continental Speed King RaceSport 26" Folding Tyre - black/26x2.2
Continental Speed King RaceSport 26" Folding Tyre - black/26x2.2
Continental Speed King RaceSport 26" Folding Tyre - black/26x2.2
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The king of world cups: the Speed King folding tyre by Continental

Those who know the Offenburg XC course know why the Speed King was developed. Hard, dry ground conditions where only one thing counts: speed. The semi slick has a reduced rolling resistance and weight. The slightly oversized side lugs give grip in the corners and keep the speed up. The middle contact area is flat with wedge-shaped lugs that keeps the rolling resistance as low as possible and maintain grip on the rear tyre. The voluminous 2.2" RaceSport carcass offers reliable puncture protection when racing and can be ridden at low air pressures. The extreme characteristics also have their price: less mileage and limited grip in wet conditions. It is a pure racer - handmade in Germany!


Application: Cross Country
Product Line: Premium
Ground Conditions: hardpack, dry
Type: folding tyre
Tubeless System: none

Technical Information:

Rubber Compound: BlackChili
Carcass: 180 tpi, 3 layers
Puncture Protection: RaceSport


Version 26x2.2
Dimension: 26 x 2.2"
ETRTO: 55-559
Air Pressure: 3.5-4.5 bar
Tube Recommendation: MTB 26 Light
Manufacturer Part Number: 0100728


- developed for hard, dry conditions
- racing tyre made for speed
- minimal rolling resistance and super lightweight
- slightly oversized outer lugs for cornering grip
- flat, wedge-shaped middle contact area for less rolling resistance and rear wheel traction
- RaceSport carcass for reliable puncture protection
- low air pressures possible
- less mileage
- limited grip in wet conditions
- handmade in Germany


BlackChili Compound
The running properties of the rubber compound of a tyre are largely determined by three interacting factors: static friction [grip], rolling resistance and mileage. The dilemma is that you improve one of these factors, and in turn, worsen at least one other factor. Black Chili Compound, the revolutionary compound from Continental, is based on the latest findings on polymer and other raw material research. For BlackChili, Continental redefined newly developed synthetic rubbers with natural rubber with the proven high performance tread compound. These rubbers are used with special nanometric carbon soot particles, which are optimized in shape and surface properties for best uses for the intended tyre. BlackChili Compound reaches an unprecedented level of performance. Compared to the previous best Activated Silica Compound, BlackChili tyres have 26 % less rolling resistance, a 30 % higher friction value [grip] and a 5 % increase in mileage. Whether on the road or mountain bike, speed and grip advantages are very noticeable. The complex compound technology is so sensitive that tyres with BlackChili Compound can only be produced exclusively in Continental's German Korbach factory.

Designed without compromise for use in mountain bike racing: The RaceSport casings combine consistent lightweight construction and noticeable superior puncture protection at the highest level. In cooperation with renowned professional mountain bikers Conti has created the perfect basis for competition tyres. Handmade in Germany, they offer rolling friction and puncture protection of World Cup quality. The structure makes the difference: a particularly fine and flexible nylon fabric with elaborately manufactured protecting rubber lining and universal base. Together with the legendary BlackChili Compound, this is the ultimate combination for XC and Marathon Race.


- 1 x Continental Speed King folding tyre


  • black/26x2.2: 430 g


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  • black/26x2.2

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Customer Reviews (12)


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by Jevgenijs M.  on 20.07.2018
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Use it for 1 week! Best tyres i ever have in my life! My favorite tyres for now. Crazy rolling with comfort! Front 2.2bar, rear 3bar. City 26km/h i just dont feel any resistance! Just easy rolling! 30km/h my favorite speed right now. I have 25x1.6 marathon supreme too but no comfort with this tyres. With pressure 2.5 bar poor rolling. May bee better with 26x2 but i dunt try it...

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by Sergey R.  on 05.07.2014
verified purchase
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Light tyres with Continental quality as standart. Last 5 years I buy only conti tyres and tubes - for RR and MTB.

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by Aleksey R.  on 01.06.2014
verified purchase
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.


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by Igor B.  on 30.04.2014
verified purchase
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Excellent product, fast delivery, excellent service

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